Innovation for Supply Chain Success

October 18th, 2010

Learn a few secrets of “Innovation for Supply Chain Success” at my session on the Global Supply Chain Principles track at the APICS International Conference on October 18th in Vegas.

Topic description:
Slow and steady no longer wins the race. Today, businesspeople must leverage supply chain innovation in order to create a competitive advantage and accelerate cash flow. This session will provide attendees with actionable strategies for improving performance throughout the supply chain. The presenter will discuss lessons learned from real-world experiences and demonstrate specific ways to add value at your organization.

Attend this session to

•Identify, prioritize, and leverage innovative inventory management practices
•Apply advanced transportation methodologies to improve cash flow
•Develop sustainable supply chain partnerships

APICS 2010 is about applying best practices. This session will feature

•Three core supply chain innovations and how they can increase cash flow
•In-depth investigations into how to implement and leverage a global supply chain strategy
•Techniques for enhanced collaborative planning and forecasting and vendor-managed inventory practices

USA Today Statistic – What Outlook Do CEO’s Have?

October 4th, 2010

I read an interesting statistic in USA Today that two-thirds of the CEOs that Business Roundtable surveyed in September expected sales to grow in the next 6 months – on the surface, this doesn’t sound too bad; however, the article said that this is down from the prior survey in June of 79%. Thus, only 31% said they expected to boost payrolls in the next 6 months, which was also down from the prior survey of 39%.

Yet this is an opportunity for those businesses who choose this as a time to INNOVATE. You have the opportunity to pass by your competition if you take advantage of everyone else’s fear of action and investing by being contrarian in a smart way – innovating. I’ll be talking about how to innovate for supply chain success at the APICS (Association for Operations Management)’s International Conference in Las Vegas on October 18th. If you’d like to read more about my session, please click here.