Plenty of cash but no deals!

December 13th, 2012

Volatility is the new norm. In today’s new normal, global uncertainty is here to stay. For example, according to the M&A Advisor Market Monitor, M&A remains at 50% of pre-recession levels. With plenty of cash on the sidelines, this statistic is noteworthy. How is this same concept affecting your business?

Executives are still concerned about making decisions with minimal knowledge of what will occur tomorrow – what will happen to their key customers? How about core suppliers? Will cash reserves have to be used? Will talent be available?

With this level of volatility and complexity, talent is essential. Who else will innovate and find answers to these puzzles to achieve their strategy? Thus, those executives who prioritize finding and retaining top talent will thrive. What is your strategy and plan to succeed?

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Milan – the New York of Italy

December 1st, 2012

What can we learn from European history?

Take Milan’s the Duomo – what an amazing centerpiece for the city. Milan is the New York of Italy. There were far more business people walking about than in the other Italian cities we visited. As the center of business and fashion, you never know what interesting new style you’ll see walking the streets of Milan.

We also had a long conversation with a fabulous woman from Milan who is an advertising consultant. Although Italy has been in a recession, Milan is undoubtedly the hustle and bustle of business. Italy has an amazing train system which makes airline travel unnecessary. From anywhere in Milan, you can see the city center (the Duomo) – everyone walks in Italy. And, of course, they take their soccer very seriously!

It would be hard to avoid working with different cultures in business life. Take the time to get to know other cultures, and not only will you enjoy the conversations much more but you’ll be more likely to develop a stronger relationship and business partnership.