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Would you like to learn how to increase your company’s value?

November 14th, 2009

Join business, banking & certified valuation experts in San Bernardino on Nov 19th for a free, interactive discussion and presentation on increasing your company’s value: click here.

It will be an interesting and timely discussion – after all, most businesses have taken a beating in the last year. This session will provide several strategies and ideas to build value. There are many reasons this can be essential to success: The higher the value of your business…..

– The more solid and profitable your business typically is.

– The higher the sale price you can achieve

– And many more….

How to Thrive in Today’s Turbulent Environment

October 23rd, 2009

I’ll be speaking on this topic at next week’s APICS (Association of Operations Management) meeting in the Temecula area. It will be an interactive discussion so please join us. There’s still time to sign up: click here.

Here’s a more detailed description:
During turbulent business times, most people and companies bunker down and focus on survival. Of course it is admirable; however, those who are able to leverage the situation to leapfrog the competition (in terms of business and/or your career), increase profit/ cash flow etc are the ones who will thrive. So, would you rather survive or thrive?

Learn the secrets to thriving during turbulent business times and how to emerge from them successfully (sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds!). If you are interested in the following questions, join us for an interactive presentation on October 28th:

What unique skillsets are required to lead during challenging times?

To improve operational results, do we need to embrace and spend significant money on programs like total quality management, lean, the Toyota Production System etc? Which should we use?

In prioritizing, where do we start? For example, in prioritizing between working on operational efficiencies and completing a performance review, which should be first? Why?

How do other companies beat the odds and exceed their plans – on time, on budget, committed employees?

What are the keys to improving profitability, productivity, customer service and cash flow?

How do we think about thriving without running out of cash?

How do we move our career forward instead of backwards during these turbulent times?

I hope to see you there! –Lisa

Awarded Board Approval in Supply Chain Strategy

October 9th, 2009

I wanted to share a recent success with you. I was awarded Board Approval in Supply Chain Strategy by the Society for Advancement of Consulting (SAC).

To read more about it, I’ve attached the press release below:

The Society for Advancement of Consulting® (SAC®) has approved another member to achieve the rare SAC® Board Approved designation. This approval means that the consultant has worked in a specialized area for a considerable length of time; has provided detailed, documented evidence of success directly from clients in that specialty; and has conformed to the Code of Ethics of the society, serving as a thought leader and exemplar in the profession in general and their specialty in particular.

The individual is:

Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting Group, in Claremont, California. Her practice includes Process Control, such as operations and supply chain management; Mergers, Acquisitions & Turnarounds; and Project management for various financial and operational needs.

SAC membership consists of less than 1% of consultants worldwide due to stringent membership requirements, and less than 3% of SAC members have achieved Board Approval status.

“This is a tough position to obtain, at the height of one’s profession, and is a great criterion to apply when clients are considering consultants,” says SAC CEO Alan Weiss, Ph.D. “It’s difficult to choose the right resources in certain areas, and our Board Approval is evidence, not promotion, and are real instances of consistent success in delivering client results.” The SAC office will serve as a reference point and share that evidence with any clients seeking more information on Board Approved members.

SAC is an international association of consulting professionals who subscribe to an industry code of ethics and have provided evidence of significant consulting results among their clients. For more information, please go to, write to, or call 800/825-6153 (401/886-4097).