As I’ve discussed on a previous post, continually learning is essential in today’ environment – for business survival, job search survival, personal survival………and go beyond survival to learning to thrive. There is no way to thrive without continual learning.

This subject occurred to me as I’m getting ready to head to Toronto for the APICS (Association of Operations Management) International Conference. There will be learning opportunities of many variations:

1. The latest research on operations and supply chain topics

2. Learning through valuable networking with attendees, speakers and exhibitors with varied backgrounds, experiences, and cultures.

3. Learning through being a mentor of a student – typically one of the best ways to learn!

4. Learning about and experiencing the host city, Toronto – including attending plant tours of local companies.

5. Learning through access to the latest softwares and technologies (through the APICS exhibitors and learning center).

Have you planned any sort of learning into your 4th quarter? If not, what could you add?

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