Consider my recent story…..

I borrowed my friend’s car because my car was being serviced while I was on an out-of-town trip, and, although it was ready when I landed at Ontario, my flights were delayed such that I arrived 15 minutes after the Shell station (where my car was being serviced) closed. They Shell station night person stayed to wait for me; however, since it would take me awhile to get off the plane and get there, I told him I’d get it the next morning. Since I didn’t have a ride but was able to borrow a car the next morning, I was running a few errands when the engine light went off on my borrowed car and an annoying beep started (and would NOT stop, even after I pulled over). So, called my Shell station contact, George, and asked him about it. George asked, “How is the hot or cold needle?” I realized, “It is all the way at the top of HOT”. George said, “You cannot drive the car here. Where are you? I’m on my way.” 5 or 10 minutes later, George and a mechanic arrived to check the car over. Not only did they bring water to get the car drivable but they brought my car and George’s car (in case my friend’s car wasn’t drivable and they had to get it towed). So, I drove home with my car, and they took my friend’s car to find out why it ran out of water. Now, that is customer service……who do you think I’ll call with my next car issue?

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