There’s nothing more important! It is proven day after day with my clients – those clients with exceptional leaders will outperform those with mediocre leaders every time. Over time, nothing else matters as the exceptional leaders will attract talent, leverage strengths, address weaknesses etc.

So, what should we do to become and/or remain better than the competition?

1. Continualy build our skills – do you belong to trade organizations? Do you have a mentor? Do you belong to any groups of peers? Do you read articles, magazines, books? Does anyone tell you the truth? Have you hired an advisor/ consultant? Go to a training program – this can range from an executive program to a leadership class…

2. Retain your exceptional leaders and leaders with good potential – what are you doing to make sure your best people stay? Do you know what’s important to them? Do not assume! What experiences and training opportunities can you provide them? Do you have a mentor program?

3. Attract top talent – is your company one that would attract top talent? If not, what can you do to change it?


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