I’ll be speaking on this topic at next week’s APICS (Association of Operations Management) meeting in the Temecula area. It will be an interactive discussion so please join us. There’s still time to sign up: click here.

Here’s a more detailed description:
During turbulent business times, most people and companies bunker down and focus on survival. Of course it is admirable; however, those who are able to leverage the situation to leapfrog the competition (in terms of business and/or your career), increase profit/ cash flow etc are the ones who will thrive. So, would you rather survive or thrive?

Learn the secrets to thriving during turbulent business times and how to emerge from them successfully (sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds!). If you are interested in the following questions, join us for an interactive presentation on October 28th:

What unique skillsets are required to lead during challenging times?

To improve operational results, do we need to embrace and spend significant money on programs like total quality management, lean, the Toyota Production System etc? Which should we use?

In prioritizing, where do we start? For example, in prioritizing between working on operational efficiencies and completing a performance review, which should be first? Why?

How do other companies beat the odds and exceed their plans – on time, on budget, committed employees?

What are the keys to improving profitability, productivity, customer service and cash flow?

How do we think about thriving without running out of cash?

How do we move our career forward instead of backwards during these turbulent times?

I hope to see you there! –Lisa

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