I recently read a Harvard Business Review article about reinventing marketing, and I found it quite interesting (especially as it coincides with what I believe!). According to the article, to complete successfully in today’s business environment, companies must shift from pushing individual products to building long-term customer relationships.

In essence, this turns traditional marketing on its head as product and brand managers become subservient to customer managers. It also suggests that customer-focused functions including R&D, customer service, market research and CRM should be viewed as part of the “customer department”. I am not sure if I would have seen the genius of this in my prior work life; however, in working with many companies to accelerate performance (which often leads back to customers as #1) and in managing my consulting practice, I see the value of looking at these elements through the customer viewpoint. After all, creating products and hoping they satisfy customer needs is pointless. It must start in reverse.

I also recently wrote an article about how to thrive in the “new normal” business environment which was published by Industry Week. Customer service is one of the top 3 keys to success. Read the article in full: click here.

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