I recently read an article in Industry Week that shows what I’ve seen to be true in my client engagements – leveraging business systems is key to succeeding in 2010’s “new normal”. Therefore, I.T. is vital to the post recession recovery because I.T. must partner with the business segments to leverage the business systems to deliver bottom line business results. Unfortunately, I.T. is understaffed and often underappreciated. According to Robert Half, 43% of around 1400 CIO’s believe their departments are deeply or somewhat understaffed for handling their current workloads. Yet Gartner says 62% of 190 senior business executives say I.T. will e a “key element” in their companies’ post-recession recovery.

I was recently quoted in an Industry Week article about leveraging business systems, as I have seen many, many examples of companies deliver significant profitibility and cash flow results solely through leveraging business systems in combination with business processes. As it costs almost nothing (except valuing your I.T. and business process folks!), who wouldn’t want to free up millions of dollars of cash or save 5% in cost in a key area? To read the full article to provide ideas on this topic: click here.

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