I recently read an interesting article about M&A in the M&A Advisor. In 2010, there was a 22.9% increase in M&A activity over 2009. Emerging markets accounted for 33% of the increase. The energy and power sectors led all industry sectors with 20.6% of deal transactions of the total volume.

According to Roger Aguinaldo in “Predictions: What’s Ahead in M&A for 2011”: Expect organic growth to continue in 2011. Long-term growth still yields the best shot at higher valuations over time. This of course is achieved through the entrepreneurial mindset, global market expansion and technological and service innovations. No matter the financing challenges – and believe me, there are a lot of them — a good company and business model (revenue and profitability) is still the best opportunity for prosperity.

Thriving in 2011’s will require thriving in the new normal – driving revenue and profitability. I’ve written articles on thriving in the new normal for more details – click here for “Thrive in 2010’s New Normal Business Environment” and click here for my Industry Week article, “How to Thrive in 2010’s New Normal Business Operations Enivonment”. And if you are in the midst of M&A, here’s an article on integrating successfully – click here for “Merger & Acquisition: Integration Key to Success”.

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