How Does a Positive Attitude Turn Into Profit?

April 4th, 2009

Sounds strange, but a positive attitude can turn into profit!  If you think something good can happen and look for opportunities (instead of blame), it has a significantly greater chance of occuring.  Train your mind to see potential in situations instead of finding the worst.  You’ll be surprised how much more often positive results follow – and most likely you’ll be in a far more pleasant mood.  For example, I’ve seen customers frequent a particular company because of a positive and helpful approach of a Customer Service representative.  You can bet it turns into a more pleasant working environment – and profit!

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Cash is King!

March 17th, 2009

As discussed in my recent newsletter, in today’s business environment, cash is king!   As basic as it sounds to ensure that there is enough cash available to cover projected cash outlays (with a cushion to cover risks), it is often overlooked or not prioritized – unlike a few years back when there might have been enough cash to cover whatever came up and less risk of late payments by customers etc, it is critical today.  Follow the cash & you’re likely to not only ensure you can focus on the business (instead of cash survival) but also find hidden opportunities to improve your business.  Whether business or personal cash flow, this principle holds true.

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Welcome to Lisa’s Profit through People Blog

March 16th, 2009

Welcome to my Profit through People blog.  My objective is to feature pragmatic insights, techniques, programs, links and educational resources concerning improving individual and business performance.   In essence, it all boils down to Transforming People + Process = Profits

My goal is to cut through the noise and information overload of today’s society with common sense and practical ideas, views etc, focused on the value of people and process in raising the bar / taking results to the next level – in essence, ideas that “work”.

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