It sounds silly but it can mean the difference between medicore success (or even failure) and SUCCESS. Especially as companies begin to emerge from the recession or at least grow volume, it is vital to be prepared -both from a company standpoint and a personal standpoint. Otherwise, the opportunity could pass you by. After waiting ALL this time, who wants to watch as it passes by? I assume the answer is no one!

I wrote an article about preparing for success for the ACA Newsletter, as the edition was surrounding this general theme. Read the entire article: here.

In essence, I talk in detail about three key steps: 1) First, plan. 2) Flexibility. 3) Communication. Sounds easy, right? Nope – in my experience in working with multiple organizations and with business and community leaders, this somewhat simple sounding process is not only often overlooked but becomes a challenge to implement – if nothing else for lack of time.

Instead of letting this occur, take action to CHANGE the potential course and prioritize this preparation. I guarantee it will pay off down-the-road.

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