I’ve been hearing more rumblings lately about a bit of a thawing in the credit markets. As I’ve just caught up on some reading, I just saw a statistic that supports the rumblings: The # of loans backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration that were made to local companies in the last fiscal year rose 26 percent. This reversed 2 years of substantial decline.

There’s no doubt that cash remains king in the new normal business environment. although companies are continually searching for ways to improve profitability and free up cash, strategic investments often require additional cash. And if there is a tenet that seems to be apparent – without investment (of course it goes without saying that it needs to be smart investment), you will face a slow and steady decline.

The Los Angeles Business Journal reported the top 5 lenders in Los Angeles:
1. Wells Fargo
2. JP Morgan Chase
3. Center Bank
4. CDC Small Business Finance
5. Superior Financial

Community banks are emerging…..

Don’t be afraid to think of investing – there are 10 to 1 return opportunities out there. Find them & GO!


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