It is an opportune time to think about your strategy for 2013. If you want to succeed, you must innovate!

My cat Smokey proved that “if you don’t know you can’t do it, you just might succeed” – see his feat in the picture (no claws yet he still made it up the tree)!

After working with some highly creative people (such as my R&D Director in my former VP of Operations role and my friend and colleague who is a Caltech PhD), I discovered that even though I would never be considered creative in many respects, there was no reason to lose hope; instead, we need to be creative in our own way! When it came to seeing trends and opportunities in the supply chain where others didn’t, I left my competition in the dust. How are you creative? And how can you leverage your creativity?

I find that getting ideas on what’s possible helps to start the creative juices. Feel free to rummage through my articles for ideas on how you can stand out in the crowd – I have no doubt, there are countless opportunities.

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