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What Harvey Mudd, 3D Printers, Rockets & Attorneys Have in Common

June 11th, 2018

Last week, I attended a ProVisors event (top notch group of trusted advisors including attorneys, CPAs etc.) at Harvey Mudd College.  We were focused on manufacturing and innovation.  We were lucky to tour the day after Harvey Mudd’s Clinic Projects Day where the students discuss the successes of working with companies like GKN, Bobcat, Amazon, Google and more.   

Thus, we were able to tour and talk with a few students who showed us the 3D printer lab and what they produced with 3D printers – a student  showed us a rocket and the amazing height and accuracy achieved with test runs in the desert, another student showed us autonomous vehicle capabilities developed for Bobcat, and much more.  We left in amazement of what these students have accomplished and the huge impacts the results will have for the companies and society. We are able to help get the word out and so it was a win-win-win and fun tour for all. Thanks to Kash Gokli for hosting us!

One tip to implement this week: Collaboration
This was an amazing tour that our group of trusted advisors was able to experience because of our connection with Harvey Mudd.  We left inspired, humbled and with many new ideas. I know I left invigorated – after all, if a 20 year old can create a rocket, we should be able to achieve success in our specialties.  Perhaps a bit more determination and collaboration will do the trick!

What types of collaborations do you nurture?  Do you focus on easy collaborations or ones that stretch you and push you to your limits – and beyond?  Do you seek out people who are different from you – and perhaps those you would grumble if you were paired with at an event?  

I’ve found that the grumblings under my breath turned into some of the best partnerships.  So now, I’ve learned to think twice and ignore the grumbling.  Perhaps we just are uncomfortable talking with someone we know has few of the same interests – or, even is the opposite political persuasion. Imagine the horror!  

Do you look for mentors and people you can mentor? Don’t just look for one or the other – seek both. You’ll be glad you did.


Technology – Should We Take It or Leave It?

July 18th, 2017
business intelligence

Technology is a hot topic. It seems we can’t stop talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D printers, and Autonomous Vehicles. But many technologies can be fads. Pay attention to what value can be gained before buying in.

Technology is a hot topic. Artificial intelligence. Autonomous vehicles. 3D printers and additive manufacturing. Business intelligence. We can’t stop talking about it. Many times, these topics are somewhat like fads. Even though there are benefits, we can get carried away and not even pay attention to whether we are gaining value.

Thus, we should take a step back and ask a few questions:

1. Do we need the technology or is it just cool?

2. What value does it provide? Does it yield a return on investment? What is that return on investment?

3. What is most valued by our customers? Time? Price? Features? Services? Which best aligns with their needs?

4. Is the technology supporting the business goals or the other way around? Which is your lead for your conversations?

5. Are you caught up in bells and whistles or focused on value?

6. Are you leading with tech or with the customer experience?

7. What do your customers expect? Can you leverage automation for a win-win?


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