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The 11th Annual APICS West Coast Student Case Competition

February 9th, 2017

West Coast Student Case Competition

Co-chairs Lisa Anderson MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group and The ACA Group’s Ellen Kane, CPIM, will be holding the 11th Annual APICS West Coast Student Case Competition on February 17 and 18, at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside in San Diego, Calif. The competition attracts undergraduates and graduate students from the region including Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and northern Mexico, and because of its popularity, consistently draws teams from Washington, Oregon, Northern CA, Texas, Utah, Canada and Hong Kong. Approximately 100 students compete in roughly 25 teams running computer simulations to solve supply chain and logistics business problems presenting their work to a mock Board of Directors (APICS professionals). The top two teams in each division compete on Saturday with one more round of computer simulation walking away with cash prizes to help fund their transportation, hotel and registration fees for the competition.

“Our goal is to provide value to the students and get them engaged in the community of professionals with connections that will be valuable as they search for jobs and advance their career. We believe strongly that students are the future of manufacturing, and we want to encourage them to pursue careers in operations and supply chain management,” explains Anderson, recognized as SAP’s 16th most influential in supply chain management and sustainability. “They truly apply what they are learning in their respective programs to solve these challenging simulations.”

Keynote speaker Linda Duffy, president of Ethos Human Capital Solutions will prepare participants for work life after college and teach better business exchanges with a presentation on “Building Communication Skills for a Successful Career” at 1:00 P.M. “I appreciate the opportunity to share my business communications, teambuilding and work life insights with college students —especially the ones who are competing at the APICS West Coast Student Case Competition,” states Duffy. “I will specifically focus on business communications and how to build rapport with coworkers. Participants will be able to take the Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment so they can understand their communication style and how their approach might need to be flexed to get along with co-workers.”

APICS Southwest students, most with backgrounds in operations management, supply chain management, industrial engineering, or MBA students, will compete to solve computer-simulated supply chain problems at a graduate and undergraduate level. Simulations challenge students to create solutions to the problems posed and provide the rationale for their recommendations. Judging is provided by APICS professionals with 50 percent of the final score focused on presentation and the other 50 percent graded the ROI calculations and rationale. The competition is open to all students enrolled in universities in the APICS Southwest Region and coordinated by APICS-IE and LMA Consulting Group president, Lisa Anderson and APICS-SFV VP Finance and The ACA Group’s Ellen Kane. Participants are able to showcase their talent for fellow students, professors and future employers. For more information on this year’s competition, visit the APICS Southwest District Website.


Collaboration Rules

March 31st, 2016
LMA Consulting Group, Lisa Anderson, collaboration

Collaborating with customers, suppliers and partners is a win-win-win for all involved. Feedback is immediate and innovation is an outcome that helps business flourish.

Collaboration is pivotal to success for manufacturers and distributors. Supply chains are connected to a larger degree than ever before.  Global is commonplace.  Customers and manufacturers talk frequently.  Suppliers collaborate with manufacturers on developing new products.  Collaborative planning, forecasting and VMI programs are commonplace.  In many industries such as aerospace and distribution, they are a “must”.  Consumers have gained a more powerful voice with social media.  Feedback is immediate.  The bottom line is that collaboration has evolved from a fluffy concept to a vital and pragmatic one.

Certainly, collaboration arises on a daily basis in my consulting practice.  More and more, I am on a webinar or conference call with my client and other partners, collaborating for a win-win-win.  For example, to design and implement any major initiative, it is likely you’ll involve customers, suppliers, ERP partners, logistics partners and the like.  Thus, we should take advantage of opportunities to improve our collaboration capabilities – AND to collaborate more often.  I’ve taken this to heart with my affiliations:

  • Ontario (ONT) ProVisors – a group of trusted advisors (advisors who support commercial businesses such as CPAs, attorneys, and commercial bankers). These types of professionals can make or break success.  Just ask anyone who delayed in protecting critical intellectual property.
  • Innovations Committee for MCIE (Manufacturers Council of the Inland Empire)’s Manufacturing Summit. Innovation is all about collaboration!
  • APICS Inland Empire Chapter – APICS is the #1 trade association for supply chain and operations professionals and spans the supply chain from executives to shop floor workers and from your customers’ customers to your suppliers’ suppliers.
  • Harvey Mudd executive roundtable – I facilitate this group with my colleague Kash Gokli, the head of Harvey Mudd’s manufacturing program. We are creating an invitation-only community of Southern CA business executives.
  • ACA Group – I am part of this alliance of consultants with significant supply chain and operations expertise. We collaborate on client projects to provide a team with deep bench strength and diversity to cover a vast array of services to meet our client’s full scope of needs.
  • 180 Systems Alliance – I am a part of this alliance of ERP consultants who are known to “consultants without bias” to partner with clients to help them select the optimal system for their needs.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to think more about collaboration.  The great news is that there is a GREAT opportunity coming up to collaborate on emerging supply chain trends at APICS-IE’s executive panel and networking symposium.  We welcome you to join us on April 30th at Eagle Glen golf club in Corona.

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