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Talent Transformation: People or Robots?

August 23rd, 2019
As much as I’m seeing last month’s feature article on the bedrock topic of inventory continuing to ring true (clients are gaining more interest in reducing inventory levels to free up cash), the promise of technology (automation and robots) is enticing many clients to at least assess what they should be doing when it comes to the topic of the talent transformation. I cannot think of a client that doesn’t have some sort of a talent gap.
It appears as though this trend is only going to gain steam as more and more clients assess automation, AI, IoT and more to keep up with customer expectations, to try to address the squeeze on costs while also dealing with the lack of employees. As baby boomers retire (which I’m seeing at an increasing pace with some TOP talent), the gap is bigger than most executives realize. It turns out not all of the key information, decision-making capabilities and leadership abilities are easily absorbed by the next generation managers without a significant effort. What is worse is that if he/she gets fed up, you might not have a lengthy transition provided by the more dedicated baby boomers.
Our APICS Inland Empire Chapter had an executive panel discussion on just this topic at our spring symposium last April. I’m especially excited the vast experience of our diverse and experienced panel:
  • Navin Shetti – Director of Engineering, Honeywell Aerospace
  • Cindy Elliott – Global Go-to-Market Strategy, Manufacturing & Logistics, ESRI
  • Paul Granillo – CEO, Inland Empire Economic Partnership
  • Jerry Hsiung – Robotics expert, Carnegie Mellon & Harvey Mudd
  • Jermaine Waltemeyer – Recruiter/ Practice lead, Aerotek
To throw out a few ideas this month, which will definitely be supplemented and expanded upon in future months…..
  • Do NOT wait too long to consider which type of technology will add value to your ability to achieve your business strategy and objectives. Although there is something to be said about an organization that can perform manually, it will not achieve scalable, profitable growth in this Amazon-impacted business environment.
  • With that said, do NOT be a blind follower of your Board’s or Executive Team’s ideas. I have heard from countless clients that they outsourced when it was popular. Some have turned out great whereas others made no sense, didn’t make money and didn’t improve service. Can you afford to make preventable mistakes in this fast-paced world? Most likely NO!
  • Appreciate your hidden talent. 80% of the time, I find hidden talent at a client. They are typically underappreciated and utilized to 20% of their potential. If you’d like help in identifying them, contact us.
  • Find your internal best practice processes. Again, I find clients under appreciate best practices of certain departments, individuals or sites and instead focus a bunch of attention on bench marking to the industry. Do you really want to be average in your industry?
Put some thought into your talent pool, where it will be in 5 or 10 years and whether you are proactively addressing your situation to create sustainable and scalable growth.

APICS-IE Symposium Spotlights Global Supply Chain

October 26th, 2016
global supply chain

The October 29 Fall Executive Panel & Networking Symposium will focus on managing and navigating Global Supply Chains giving manufacturing and logistics attendees access to an expert panel with international law, global supply chain and manufacturing and international trade experience.

APICS Inland Empire Symposium Sets Stage for Global Supply Chain Strategies, Compliance, and Sourcing Decisions

The Inland Empire Chapter of APICS,  the leading association for supply chain and operations professionals, will be delivering an international-focused meeting on global supply chain trends and strategies at its Navigating Global Supply Chain Fall Executive Panel & Networking Symposium on October 29  in Corona, Calif. Expert panelists including international business attorney John Tulac; Josie Vigil, Director of Supply Chain Operations for B. Braun Medical Inc.; Pooya Kabirir, Vice President of Engineering & Operations at Combustion Associates, Inc.; Elizabeth Warren, Executive Director for FuturePorts; and Luke Haylock, Global Director of New Product Development for Alcoa. The panelists will discuss global trade, the evolving requirements and regulations and how to balance customer needs, cost, cash flow and compliance. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of global supply chain strategic thinking, global disruptors and how to best manage these impacts in the manufacturing and distribution of products. In addition to a focused conversation on global supply chain, attendees will have time to network and benchmark with area companies and build contacts within the manufacturing and distribution community to also help them build their career.

“We’ve assembled a panel that touches on all of the strategic, compliance and operational aspects of a global supply chain, says Lisa Anderson, President of APICS-IE and LMA Consulting Group. “We are fortunate to have a community of professionals, including speakers, sponsors and members, committed to helping attendees gain value so that they walk away with strategies and new concepts to lead their companies and functions, provide valuable input on key initiatives and develop their personal careers. Gaining a competitive edge in the global supply chain requires a team approach!”

Sponsors this year include Arbela TechnologiesBrandman UniversityManufacturing Executive Institute, and Compete Consulting Group. Event supporters provide additional value to attendees serving as a resource and advocates of this symposium’s focus on the ‘Global Supply Chain’. Compete Consulting Group, a new sponsor of APICS-IE, values the community of experts and resources that the Symposium will bring together to help those considering or trying to make improvements to their logistics operations. “Like APICS-IE does for its membership through the educational topics they present, it is our business to provide a new level of visibility and cost savings within the shipping industry,” notes Josh Dunham, Managing Partner of Complete Consulting.

With so many moving parts, it takes a virtual international village to support companies in navigating the global supply chain. “A global supply chain has so many connections and complexities that leveraging the right system to bring it all together is critical to the success of a business,” said Amir Khoshniyati of Arbela Technologies. “As part of the APICS-IE Symposium, we look forward to collaborating with attendees and hearing more about the secrets to success in navigating the supply chain. We are proud to support APICS-IE in delivering such a value-packed program.”

The APICS-IE Executive Panel & Networking Symposiums draws attendees from all over Southern California. Held twice yearly, platinum sponsor Manufacturing Executive Institute actively promotes attendance at the Symposium. “We support APICS-IE in providing opportunities for our members to learn from experts on topics like global growth and supply chain,” states Maggie Watson, Manufacturing Executive Institute. “We are proud to sponsor APICS-IE as we offer complimentary training programs and are dedicated to bringing relevant knowledge to individuals who are interested in making dramatic improvements in their manufacturing and distribution companies.”

Brandman University, a leading provider of undergraduate and graduate programs including those focused in supply chain management, is supportive of the APICS-IE programming and encourages students to attend. “Brandman University is proud to partner with APICS-Inland Empire to equip and empower this great community and region with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to have the finest supply chain professionals in the U.S.” says Nick Lacy, Director of National Relations.

The APICS-IE Fall Symposium: Navigating Global Supply Chain will be held Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona, Calif. Fees to attend the event from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM are $15 for members, $25 for non-members and students are free. Breakfast buffet is included. Register online or cut and paste this link into your browser: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ed1rzbt5632f374f&llr=pd7pgykab.