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The Value of New Beginnings and the Old

May 24th, 2018

This weekend I was in North Carolina for the wedding reception of my Godson Alex and his bride, Grace. They were happy, planned the perfect day and it all went fabulously……such an impressive – and young (or maybe I’m just getting older) – couple! I spent lots of time in high school and college hanging out with my best friend Sandi and her family, and so it is always great to go back to spend time with family.






Sandi and I turn 50 in the next month and so we plan to do a few trips this year to commensurate the occasion.  It is great to have a friend that I’ve known most of my life. There is certainly value in the old as well as the new.  Are you appreciating your long-term customers who have been with you through thick and thin as well as your new, ideal customers?

One tip to implement this week:
Don’t we tend to take our long-term, valuable relationships for granted?  Admit it! Of course, it is easy to do so.

Perhaps we should think about valued customers, suppliers, employees and other partners.  Pick up the phone and give them a call or stop by for a visit. I find it is always good to catch up. There were several relationships from my first large client that got me started.  I wouldn’t be successful today if it weren’t for what I learned from them and/or the chance they took on a new consultant.

Although I started this by thinking of new beginnings, I am reminded that I fly back at a terribly early hour on Monday (as anyone who knows me would be horrified) because one of those key contacts from my first client is in town and we are going to our old haunt, Red Robin.  Should be fun! Later that day, I meet with some new contacts to start new beginnings. Nice to have a great mix.

Who will you be first on your list to connect with?


The Value of Getting to Know Each Other

January 2nd, 2018

The holidays tends to bring on conversations with old colleagues and catching up with family, friends and clients.  Often times, we zip through life and business and don’t stop to get to know the people we interact with on a daily basis.  How could this be?  

I have a few colleagues and friends who are particularly good at finding out all about the lives of people they work with (without wasting all sorts of time).  They always seem to have some detail I never knew about someone I talk with frequently about business matters.  Couldn’t we always do better?  

You can even learn new things about family and friends by spending time in new settings.  This year, my Mom (with our help) hosted Christmas for my aunts, uncle, brothers and nephew.  My nephew is seated between my aunts/uncle below.  Since it was also my Aunt Joan’s birthday on Christmas Day, we have multiple cakes to celebrate and we learned new things by watching some really old family movies!      


One tip to implement this week:
There is no need to wait a year to get to know each other.  Why not take a few minutes this week to find out one fact about someone you work with that you didn’t already know?  I bet if you ask a question or two, you’ll discover something interesting.  Who knows? It might give you a closer relationship so that you enjoy that project a bit more or are more effective working as a team.  It certainly won’t hurt!  

Reach out. In addition, reach out to your supplier, customer, trusted advisor or former colleague to say hi and see how he/she is doing.  Ask if there is anything you could do or someone you could put them in touch with who might provide value for him in his career or life.  I’ve found that a simple introduction can go a LONG way in alleviating stress, improving business success, increasing engagement and more.  For example, my aunt needs a new physician in her area and so I reached out to a former client to ask for recommendations because I knew he used to live in that area (Mesa, AZ), and his wife is in the medical profession.  Since joining ProVisors, I have found that there is a VAST network of connections in the world that can accelerate and enhance personal and business success.  Interestingly, this same aunt needed an important medical referral in Boston previously and a consulting colleague provided me with a perfect referral. It IS a small world.

Find out how you can provide value.  The pay back can be huge!


Thanksgiving & Going the Extra Mile

November 24th, 2017


I recently wrapped up the “holiday” (as they call it here) in New Zealand. Thanksgiving was our last day before heading home. With that said, I’m reminded of the meaning of Thanksgiving because the driver that picked us up from the TransAlpine train station (which is a beautiful ride through the mountains from the west coast to the east cost of New Zealand which also happens to double for the Murder on the Orient Express in the movies we learned today) went over and beyond to ensure we were taken care of and comfortable. The train arrived late so we missed our plane by a few minutes. After amazing assistance by the Air New Zealand manager, we had the last 3 seats and one standby seat on the last flight out. Our driver stayed with us and even went to the gate to see if I would get on stand by before leaving because he would take me to a hotel and arrange for everything so that we would have virtually no hassle. Talk about above and beyond! Are you going above and beyond for your colleagues, customers, suppliers and family?

I found this to be funny so I don’t care that it doesn’t really apply to my story :-). Hey, after all, in New Zealand, I’m on a different drummer anyway – sheep anyone?


One tip to implement this week:

Think about went over and beyond for during Thanksgiving weekend and upon your return to work. Perhaps you choose that “difficult” colleague or family member and SEARCH for something in common. Did you find something nice to say? Or just lent a helping hand and didn’t expect credit.

I hope you remembered to THANK your family for supporting you, your colleagues for making 40 hours + per week more pleasant than it would be otherwise (or, who knows, you could really love every minute of your job!), your customers for choosing you…..how about your employees for choosing you too? After all, employees can choose too. Why not be the leader everyone flocks to support?

With that said, I would like to THANK YOU for being important to me and LMA Consulting. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


And, don’t forget, there is still time.  There’s always Christmas!