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Trans-Pacific Trade Delays – Are You Prepared?

September 16th, 2018

Thanks to Dave Porter for recently sharing: Vessel operations and capacity in the last 10 days have been severely impacted by two typhoons in Asia (Central & North China).  Major ports such as Shanghai have been shut down for 2-3 days which has caused a ripple effect such as roll overs and cargo backlog.


In essence, it is creating havoc – vessels are leaving before the entire operation is concluded (leaving many containers behind); port calls are being omitted and/or cancelled; and, heavy congestion and berthing delays are occurring.  If that wasn’t enough, rates are going up again 15-20% as of September 1st!  How resilient is your supply chain?

What Should We Consider and/or What Impacts Could Arise?
Recently, we decided to start a new series of interviews, articles and conversations about “The Resilient Supply Chain”.  This just highlights the critical importance of the topic! Our first video interview will debut in September, so stay tuned.

There is a LOT of conversation about trade wars, tariffs and politics yet what has created havoc this past week is an act of mother nature.  Our clients are telling us they are already experiencing transportation delays and rate increases, and demand is NOT slowing down.  These additional issues are bound to add stress to an already challenged system.  Leaving it to luck and hope that nothing will impact your global supply chain clearly is not the best laid plan…

This reminds me of a situation that occurred when I was VP of Operations at PaperPak.  The city where our largest facility was located went ‘under water’ due to a hurricane.  Even though our facility was built on higher land (thanks to P&G), no one could get in or out and everything came to a stand still.  Materials couldn’t arrive.  Shipments couldn’t leave.  Employees couldn’t get to work.  If we didn’t have backup suppliers and resiliency plans, we would have been down FAR longer even when the facility did start up because our suppliers were impacted.

Have you thought through “what if” scenarios?  Are you willing to invest in them?


Manufacturing Expert, Lisa Anderson, Presents 2018 LMA Advocate Award to Aerospace Executive, Kelly Ford

July 28th, 2018

CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA – July 27, 2018 –  Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert,  Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., presented the 2018 LMA Advocate Award to Aerospace/Defense executive, Kelly Ford.

“It is a pleasure to recognize Kelly Ford with our 2018 LMA Advocate Award.  We have worked on many projects together at three separate aerospace firms.  I appreciate the relationship we have built and the collaboration that has made our projects successful” Ms. Anderson commented. LMA Consulting Group works with clients on manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation that maximizes the customer experience and enables profitable, scalable, dramatic business growth.

Kelly and I have achieved significant results together – improved customer service levels to support business growth, expanded capacity and efficiencies, and right-sized inventory levels to maximize the use of cash and capital. Most importantly, we engaged and valued the opinions of the most important asset of the firm – the people. It turns a project into a fascinating puzzle, making it fun” she continued.

Inspired by the outcomes of client projects, LMA Consulting solicits client feedback, ideas and trend information.  In turn, the firm adopts and incorporates key learnings, makes continuous improvements and expands service offerings to continually raise the bar in meeting evolving client needs. Advocates, partners and centers of influence are key to LMA Consulting’s continued growth and success, as they work together to advance manufacturing and the global supply chain.

“Over 13 years, I have learned that it takes more than hard work and intention to affect growth.  It takes focusing on innovation every day.  LMA Advocates help us do just that and more. I am so grateful to be able to call Kelly Ford one of our LMA Consulting Group trusted advisors” she concluded.

About LMA Consulting Group – Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD

Lisa Anderson is the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation that maximizes the customer experience and enables profitable, scalable, dramatic business growth Ms. Anderson has been named a Top 40 B2B Tech Influencer by arketi group, a 50 ERP Influencer by Washington-Frank, ranked in the top 46 most influential in Supply Chain by SAP and named a top woman influencer by Solutions Review. She recently published, I’ve Been Thinking, an inspiring collection of 101 strategies for creating bold customer promises and profits. A regular content contributor on topics including supply chain, ERP and SIOP and innovation, Ms. Anderson is regularly interviewed and quoted by publications such as Industry Week, tED magazine and the Wall Street Journal.  For information, to sign up for her Profit Through PeopleTM Newsletter or for a copy of her book, visit LMA-ConsultingGroup.com.

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Hurricane Harvey & Supply Chain Impacts

September 5th, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has been wreaking havoc on Texas and is now threatening parts of Louisiana. Flooding is tremendous and many people are still trapped in their houses. Refineries are shut down and basic necessities are being rationed. Unfortunately, this is the devastation caused by a hurricane and it reminds us about natural disasters and the global impact. The earthquake in Japan had an impact for several months. In Houston’s case, businesses in the city and surrounding areas are shut down or, at a minimum, affected without access to local suppliers, logistics networks etc. Gas prices are higher with the closure of the refineries and oil-related businesses are also being impacted negatively. Taking this national catastrophe into account, are you planning for the most likely supply chain impacts that could hit your business?

Hurricane Harvey and Supply Chain

Hurricane Harvey hammers Texas


What Should We Consider and/or What Impacts Could Arise?

Supply chain disruptions are commonplace and often unavoidable. Certainly, we didn’t know Hurricane Harvey would show up in Texas last month or last year, when we would have had time to address potential supply chain disruption. But there are few, if any, places immune to natural disasters. Snow storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, fires… There are also political unrest and strikes that we cannot control – perhaps we can anticipate them to a degree but that’s all. Instead of sticking our head in the sand, we’re better off preparing and planning for what to do in these situations.

Think about the disruptions most likely to occur in your business supply chain based on your geography. Remember that you could still be shut down if a key material is supplied from an area affected by a natural disaster or disruption. Next, consider ways to mitigate the most likely and severe risks. You will have to invest to minimize risk, so addressing all potential risks is just as bad as addressing none of them because you might go out of business due to lack of funds. Note a few options for addressing the most likely risks. For example, should you have a backup supplier? Or collaborate with a competitor proactively in some sort of win/win way to strategically locate inventory? Pick one or two to start, present a complete case to the executive team, corporate or Board of Directors. It will give you a great start!


If you’d like to delve even more deeply into these topics, please sign up for my Profit Through PeopleTM monthly newsletter.



A Tour of Skechers and Jaw Dropping Savings (and Innovations)

August 28th, 2017

Supply Chain Briefing

Recently, I went on a tour of Skechers with my ProVisors group. We’ve heard so much about the building and related innovations from the developer, Iddo Benzeevi, and were really excited to see it in action. There are truly jaw dropping savings from the total picture – $25 million a year reduction in operating costs. Who can argue with that? Certainly not environmentally-conscious people as it is also the largest LEED Gold Certified building of its kind to be awarded with this distinction by the U.S. Green Building Council. There is no air conditioning required due mainly to the innovative design. In comparison, discussing topics like solar seems boring! And, of course, it is the picture of warehouse automation. Are you thinking beyond impossible like these folks did?

Touring the Skechers Mega Facility Innovations

What Should We Consider and/or What Impacts Could Arise?

Innovations like these should definitely get us thinking. First of all, do you see roadblocks like environmental bottlenecks as insurmountable? Or, do you see them as nothing more than a challenge? Although most would have trouble envisioning the goal of saving $25 million a year, if you never think about it, it definitely won’t occur. Think BIG!

Certainly the impacts of this type of building can be seen as amazingly progressive – or problematic, depending on your point of view. Clearly, if we can build this type of innovation into our manufacturing and distribution businesses, we will be vastly more competitive – and more likely to stay in the U.S., and even California. On the other hand, Skechers has far fewer people operating this facility than the multiple facilities they operated previously. And, in order to operate this facility, a higher level of skills is required.   Higher skills can also be seen as “good” and “bad”. There is a lot of talk about the need for higher skilled jobs in the Inland Empire to retain our students with good opportunities, yet it can also be challenging to find these skills.

Either way, hiding your head in the sand will not solve the problem. Why not join the innovators? Get out to see new and interesting ideas. I learn something every day – from every client, every tour, and every interaction. Sometimes the ideas I have do not relate at all to what I’ve seen but it prompts thinking or brainstorming in different directions. Why not consider what you’d need to go down the path of innovation?


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APICS-IE Symposium Panel to Discuss Disruptive Innovations in Logistics

May 4th, 2017
disruptive innovations

The Inland Empire Chapter of APICS,  the leading association for supply chain and operations professionals, will be hosting a meeting on global supply chain trends and strategies at its Disruptive Innovations in Logistics Spring Executive Panel & Networking Symposium on May 6,  in Corona, Calif. Expert panelists including Dr. Genevieve Giuliano, Director of the METRANS; Mark Hirzel, Customs Broker for A.N. Deringer, Inc.; Lupe Valdez, Director of Public Affairs for Union Pacific Railroad; Heidi Chance, Division Manager at Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA; and, Steve Finley, Owner at Re-Transportation, Inc. Experts on the panel will share with attendees what they see as the future supply chain disruptions and innovations and how they should prepare for these pivotal changes. Attendees are encouraged to network and benchmark with area companies and build contacts within the manufacturing and distribution community to help them build their careers.“We have a perfect intersection of panel expertise and the support of our sponsors to truly deliver an exceptional symposium to our APICS-IE members and guests,” says Lisa Anderson, President of APICS-IE and LMA Consulting Group. “We are fortunate to have a community of top notch professionals, including speakers, sponsors and members, committed to helping attendees gain value so that they walk away with strategies and innovative ideas to lead their companies and functions, provide valuable input on key initiatives and develop their personal careers. Gaining a competitive edge in the global supply chain requires a team approach!”

Sponsors this year include Arbela TechnologiesManufacturing Executive Institute and Compete Consulting Group. Event supporters provide additional value to attendees serving as a resource and advocates of this symposium’s focus on ‘Disruptive Innovations in Global Supply Chain’.  Compete Consulting Group values the community of experts and resources that the Symposium will bring together to help manufacturers and distributors stay on top of disruptive innovations. “Like APICS-IE does for its membership by providing value-add programming and resources, our business is to help our clients better navigate changes with Fed Ex and UPS such as the recent rate hikes related to dimensional weight and the impact of the Amazon Effect which we address by ensuring our clients have the best rate structures and shipping intelligence capabilities in place,” notes Keith Durna, Vice President of Compete Consulting.

“Market and customer exposure to better services and innovative ideas by market leaders like Amazon is driving digitization of the supply chain processes by smaller distributors. Meeting these expectations require analysis and predicting customer behavior, sales and marketing trends, and all the way to the effectiveness of the operations,” said Nima Bakhtiary, president and CEO of Arbela Technologies. “As part of the APICS-IE Symposium, we look forward to connecting with top supply chain professionals and talking about how end-to-end Solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and disruptive innovations like predictive analysis can help manufacturers and distributors better address their customers’ demands.”

The APICS-IE Executive Panel & Networking Symposiums draws attendees from all over Southern California. Held twice yearly, platinum sponsor Manufacturing Executive Institute actively promotes attendance at the Symposium. “We support APICS-IE in providing opportunities for our members to learn from experts on topics like global growth and supply chain,” states Maggie Watson, Manufacturing Executive Institute.  “We are proud to sponsor APICS-IE as we offer complimentary executive training programs and are dedicated to bringing relevant knowledge to individuals who are interested in making dramatic improvements in their manufacturing and distribution companies.”

The APICS-IE Spring Symposium: Disruptive Innovations in Logistics will be held Saturday, May 6, 2017, at the Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona, Calif. Fees to attend the event from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM are $20 for members, $25 for non-members and students are free. Breakfast buffet is included. Register online or cut and paste this link into your browser: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07edo6z6ik0657ae8c&oseq=&c=&ch=