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Are You Retaining Top Talent?

July 19th, 2018


Several clients have been short on top talent. With virtually zero unemployment, the traditional job search programs yield virtually 0% talent.  Even with an executive recruiter, you may be prone to lose your candidate at the last minute when his/her current job figures out they need to do a better job of retaining them and they take action.


To give you a few sagas from recent client examples:

  • I was helping a client determine what he needed (skills, aptitudes, behaviors). I agreed to review resumes to see if potential fit exists and to interview candidates.  Although he received lots of resumes, less than 1% were even worth a phone interview. My guess is less than 1% of those would be worth hiring. Talk about a SLOW road to filling an immediate gap.  
  • Within the last month, two clients used a recruiter (thank goodness as we didn’t have to take the slow boat to China).  They found a great candidate and lost the candidate at the last minute to an offer from the current employer who figured out they didn’t want to lose their employee.  Frustrating!

Instead of either of these scenarios, why not retain your key performers?  Start with the following:

  1. #1 People work for people; not companies.  Who are your leaders? Are you developing them?  In the last six months, this too has arisen. That’s an exciting part of consulting – you get to see it all!  In this case, it wasn’t good. Good people left a new ‘leader’. Think about the productivity of the ones staying to finish that ‘last year before retirement’.  How awful!
  2. Provide training opportunities.  People want to develop skills and advance their career which can be a win-win in terms of gaining skills to help you achieve profitable growth.  Check out APICS-IE’s classes for starters.
  3. Mentoring. The only way to improve behavior is through trial and error and modeling behavior.  

What are you doing to retain your top talent?


Job Search Tips

September 16th, 2011

A significant percentage of my trusted and valued friends and business colleagues have gone through some sort of job transition or search in the last 3 years, and I’ve picked up a few tips I thought I’d share.

1. Stand out in the crowd – if you are one of 1,000 (which hasn’t been unusual), there is NO other way to proceed. What can you do to differentiate yourself from the competition?

2. Be there first – by the time an ad shows up on-line (as newspapers are a thing of the past too), it is usually too late. Instead, you need to find the job openings before they show up in the typical places.

3. The power of relationships – undoubtedly, 80%+ of my contacts achieved success through relationships (a referral, a recruiter they kept in touch with, a business colleague who remembered them after receiving a note etc.)

4. Linked In – there is an amazing trend towards Linked In. Not only are recruiters searching Linked In, but it is a great repository for your profile, references/ recommendations, etc.

5. Provide value – the most successful job seekers provided value. One poured through search engines and sent appropriate leads to other colleagues searching for a job. One provided referrals. Etc…..