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The Importance of Continual Learning

September 18th, 2018

Recently, we updated our website.  It prompted a lot of thinking about many aspects of business.  One is the importance of continual learning.  As you’ll see on our Continual Learning webpage, it is a priority.  With that said, I’ve noticed that the most successful people (clients, colleagues, fellow Board members etc.) have continual learning in common.  There is definitely something behind this trend!  It reminds me of one of our LMA Advocate winners, Valerie Ladd – her continual learning is quite impressive.  She never stops learning – and all with a positive attitude to boot.





When thinking about continual learning for LMA Consulting, we focus on three categories:

1) Future trends in business, the economy, the industry, our area of expertise etc.
2) Technology trends & disruptors
3) Local & global trends.

What are you learning?

One tip to implement this week:
There are countless ways to add or expand on your continual learning.  Instead of getting stuck in a sea of possibilities, just choose one or two and start there.  Don’t worry if they are the best ones or will provide the greatest benefit.  Just start!  Waiting for perfection is a LONG road….your competition will certainly pass you by.

With that said, if you’d like some ideas of where to go for continual learning, here are several that pop to mind:
1) Ask your mentor.
2) Talk with colleagues and ask what they are learning – or ask to learn more about their role and challenges.
3) Go to a trade association meeting.  For example, APICS Inland Empire provides programs, symposiums, tours and education to provide value to manufacturing and distribution professionals.
4) Go to an alumni meeting.
5) Attend a local chamber or business club.
6) Read the news, magazines and blogs related to your field.
7) Call a customer or supplier.
8) Join a mastermind.
9) Call a former colleague or manager.
10)  Attend a tradeshow.

What are you going to do?

Do You Live By Values Daily?

August 29th, 2018

We decided to participate in Executive Forums (an executive peer group) and Global Growth Cycle (a global consulting peer group) in order to stay up-to-date on what our clients need (sometimes even before they know they ‘need’ it).  After all, understanding what is successful as well as investing in our continual learning are important factors in long-term success.  

At a recent meetings of both groups, the importance of values arose.  Do you have values? And, more importantly, do you LIVE by values or are they just pasted on your wall (and ignored)?

Because we felt it was important for LMA Consulting to stand for something, we have codified our values.  As a part of our communication efforts, we are sharing them with our clients, colleagues, subcontractors, advisors and more.  Of course, we always welcome feedback and input.

To kick off, we have four core values that happen to start with ‘P’ (which we enjoy because of the alliteration):


















LMA Values

  1. People – As we continually say (and believe), people are our #1 asset.  Our affiliations, LMA Associates, colleagues, clients and advisors fall into this category.  No matter how perfect the process or ideal the technology, it will not “work” without the people.
  2. Passion – It certainly makes life more interesting to enjoy what you do and have a passion for helping clients achieve bottom line results.  We find that success follows applied passion.
  3.  Persistence – No matter the topic in business (or life), persistence has been core to our success.  There is definitely truth to saying ‘persistence trumps talent’. Having both wouldn’t hurt but we’ll take persistence any day!
  4. Performance  – At the end of the day, keeping focused on delivering bottom line business results matters.  In our case, we deliver BOLD customer promises and profits!

Give your values some thought.  Start at square zero. Do you have them?  Do you agree with them? Do you ‘live’ them?  How about your team? Since this is a beneficial predecessor to setting strategy and ensuring results, it is worthwhile.  If you have questions or are thinking about how to get started, contact us .

Continuous Education Will Give You an Edge

May 1st, 2014
learning, continuous education

In a society of over-communication, you’ll stand out through continuous education and committment to learning.

In today’s marketplace, it is no longer enough to be good.  You must stand out from the crowd in some way that is different or exceptional.  Just think about the information overloaded society – how do you get anything through the millions and millions of messages each person receives in a day?  It can be a tall order to just be noticed. I’ve noticed that those who have a passion for continual education find a way to stand out in the crowd.

For example, one of my Board members in my APICS chapter (the #1 trade association for supply chain and operations professionals) never stops learning.  It is truly amazing to watch her appetite for new information.  And she shines above the “noise”.  What are some of the keys to continuous education?

  1. Read: Especially in the information age, it is even more critical to read voraciously. A variety is good – read the newspaper, books from the bestseller list, books about your specialty, websites providing value, etc.
  2. Write: Writing skills can help you achieve an edge over your competition, so continually reinforce them – write an article, write an opinion piece for the newspaper, or just write in a journal. It is surprising how much you can stand out in a crowd with effective writing skills.
  3. Find a mentor: This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to learn what “works” and build your skill sets – and it can be quite enjoyable as well.
  4. Teach: Teaching is often the best way to learn – and you are providing value at the same time.
  5. Experiences: Expand your experiences. Book a trip to a different country, learn a new
    language, sign up for a course outside of your typical area of expertise, try a new role at work, etc.


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