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Congratulations, MCIE Innovation Awards Winners!

April 3rd, 2017
Innovation Award Winners

LMA Consulting Group and MCIE Innovation Award Chair Lisa Anderson announces E=mc² Innovation Award Winners.

Lisa Anderson MBA, CSCP, CLTD president of LMA Consulting Group and chair for the Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE)  Manufacturer’s Summit E=mc² Innovation Awards,  a special award ceremony celebrating innovative businesses and students solving challenges in today’s manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce the four category winners; Process Efficiency – CAI, Marketing – Adventure CabinsHuman Capital and Talent – Connect Products and People and Innovation by Students – Harvey Mudd College. Innovation Award candidates are judged on criteria based on which company or student demonstrates the most innovation and resulting benefits in improving resources or energy efficiency; employment and workforce issues; and effective marketing.

This year’s Innovation Awards Committee consisted of experienced members with a combination of 100 years in the industry (both manufacturing and education) and deeply rooted in manufacturing success in the Inland Empire. Committee members included former chair and founding officer of MCIE Wallace Brithinee, president of Brithinee Electric; Kash Gokli, professor of manufacturing and engineering management, and the Director of Engineering Clinic in the Harvey Mudd College Department of Engineering; and, Innovation Awards Chair Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group.

We had a number of exceptional entries this year really showcasing their innovative talents in talent management, process improvement, marketing and, for the first time this year, innovation by students,” shares Award Chair Lisa Anderson. “I’m always intrigued and proud of what innovation actually takes place here in the Inland Empire. This year did not disappoint, and I look forward to building on this success in the coming year.”

Taking on a cultural innovation was the 2017 Human Capital and Talent Innovation Award winner Connect Product and People. “Connect’s goals are to provide meaningful work for veterans and individuals with disabilities, equal pay for equal work, and to stop the exploitation of these tremendously talented individuals — require social responsibility,” states Connect Products and People president, Jonathon R. Mills. “We are honored to be leading this change in culture and want to thank you MCIE for its support.”

CAI President Kusum Kavia focused her organization on making the best use of all of its resources and it paid off with CAI being awarded the Process Efficiency Innovation Award. Says Kavia, “It is special to us because it comes from fellow manufacturers in our region.”

Travis Saenz of Adventure Cabins expressed his appreciation for the Marketing Innovation Award, saying “Thank you to the MCIE Summit committee and members for presenting Adventure Cabins with the Marketing Innovation Award. Our company took on a new web-footprint and marketing strategy that is paying off.”

New this year was the Student Innovation Awards recognizing the Harvey Mudd College students’ contributions in partnering with Niagara Water to achieve significant results. “Students with no preconceived ideas of what works and what does not work can come up with great out-of-the-box solutions and innovations,” Explains Kash Gokli, professor of manufacturing and engineering management, and the Director of Engineering Clinic in the Harvey Mudd College Department of Engineering. “We’re excited that The Harvey Mudd clinic program, teaming up with industry, does 45 projects a year with a lot of innovation.”

The 2018 Manufacturing Summit will be held next February. For more information, visit MCIE Website or cut and paste this link http://mfgcouncilie.com/homepage/.


The Importance of Recognition

July 20th, 2016


On the 10 year anniversary of my business, I recognized 10 people for 10 years as LMA Advocates — people who have gone over and beyond, resulting in LMA Consulting’s growth and success. I truly appreciate their support, expertise, ideas, feedback, etc. I would not be here today without them — and certainly not leading a growing consulting practice that helps manufacturers & distributors make — and keep — bold customer promises AND profits. I have the best job — helping clients and the people within my clients achieve significant successes. What could be better?

At my 10-year bash, I committed to recognizing one person each year on the anniversary of LMA Consulting. Thus, I’m thrilled to announce Kash Gokli, head of Harvey Mudd’s Manufacturing Practice and Director of their Clinic Program as my 2016 winner. Kash and I facilitate the Harvey Mudd executive roundtables together and have collaborated on clients, APICS-IE, and more.


work recognition


One tip to implement this week:

Don’t worry about giving out an award in a week; however, think about what you could do to recognize someone who has gone out of their way to help with your personal and professional success. In the vast majority of my clients, a simple conversation of thanks would go a LONG way — don’t underestimate the power of the ‘small stuff’.

If you are a business owner or executive, take the extra 5 minutes to recognize your top talent. You will not be sorry — the VAST majority of people work because they want to make a difference; not for a small raise or bonus. Of course, a raise or bonus is gravy but enjoying work and making a difference is lasting.

If you are part of a team, think outside the box. Recognize people who have mentored you along the way. Recognize your peer that pitches in when needed. Recognize someone in another department who helped or gave you an idea. I bet if you think about it, you’ll have “too many” people to recognize. Talk to them. Take them for coffee. Pick up the phone and say thank you. There are countless ways to recognize people.

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