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People, People, & People

July 26th, 2016
who is on your team

Your rate of success with customer service, increasing revenue, developing new products and gaining a competitive advantage all depends on people and who you have on your team.

In real estate, almost everyone knows that location, location, location is the name of the game. The best house in the wrong location will not sell. It is imperative to pay attention to location. The same holds true in business success — it is all about people, people, and people. Who do you have on your team?

Lately, in today’s Amazon-impacted business environment, we’ve been working with a few clients to rapidly increase service levels — to maintain happy customers, to grow the business, to gain a competitive advantage and for many more reasons. The degree and speed of success stems directly back to people. Of course, processes matter, skills development matters, systems and organizations matter; however, the 80/20 of success goes to people.

For example, in one case, we were making progress but not nearly as quickly as desired. A new leader showed up on the scene and suddenly progress kicked into high gear — and success started to follow.

Similarly, one of the key factors of our new proprietary process, TST for driving supply chain performance is torque. In our example above, the leader kicked up the torque, and we kept an eye on speed and traction. Results followed. Knowing which lever to pull — and when to pull it — is the key to success.

Although this example related to a new leader, we find that success doesn’t always require new leaders. For example, we can provide countless examples of empowering already-existing leaders in driving success. Identifying exceptional people — and leaders — is cornerstone to achieving success. Of course, identifying them is not enough. Similarly to identifying a root cause to a problem, the identification alone will achieve nothing.

We cannot tell you how many clients we’ve worked with that know their problems and understand their opportunities yet made little to no progress when it came to the rubber hitting the road. Thus, once you’ve identified high potential people, empower them and get out of their way. Provide tools, training and support for roadblocks. Success will follow.

The bottom line is that PEOPLE will ensure that your bottom line hits your objectives.


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5 Ideas to Reward Employees

March 29th, 2016
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Rewarding employees doesn’t have to be costly, but require your attention and time to make it meaningful to employees.

There is a lot of talk about rewarding employees; however, I see little action. How do you reward employees? Do you consider it a priority? If you are willing to focus attention on this topic instead of completing an analysis for the CEO, meeting with a customer or the like, then it is an obvious priority. How obvious is it to your organization?

Rewards don’t have to be costly. The best require time. Some ideas to reward employees include:

  1. Catch people doing right:  Provide immediate positive feedback. Look for opportunities to find people who are doing a good job. It is easier to find those who aren’t. Have you spent time specifically looking for those who are “doing right”?
  2. Say thank you:  As easy as this is to do, it is rarely done. Take the time to say thank you. Be specific with your thank you. And, of course, be genuine. It goes without saying but I’ve seen it more than once. People will know if you truly appreciate what they’ve done or not.
  3. Publicize wins: I worked with a Director of Supply Chain who was excellent at publicizing wins. She sought out wins and made sure they were written up in the company newsletter. She found pictures, wrote paragraphs and made sure wins were publicized. They were noticed!
  4. Hand out small rewards at a company lunch:  Movie tickets or dinner gift certificates can go a long way. Small tokens of recognition can convey the importance of employee’s actions. Many take them home with them and their family can enjoy in the reward.
  5. Recognize employees with meaningful work: One of the best rewards is to be included in meaningful work. Include your best performers in interesting projects. Don’t bury them in problems because you know they’ll get them done. Give their work meaning, and they’ll thrive.

There are countless ways to reward employees and subsequently motivate them. Start with these ideas, add a few of your own and get started. You don’t have to have a complete list to start. The most important item to success is to tailor your rewards to what will be meaningful to each employee.
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What will Motivate Your Team?

June 30th, 2015
motivated team

A motivated team can overcome some of the biggest business challenges a company can face.presentation in meeting room.

According to my Skills Gap research, executive recruiters and HR experts, it is more challenging now than it has been in quite a long time to find and retain top talent.  A BIG part of retaining top talent is to ensure your team is motivated.  Give me a motivated team any day vs. a million dollars.  I know I’ll come out on top!  I’ve found that people are your #1 asset and can achieve amazing results, especially when motivated. So, the question is what motivates us?

1.  Let’s start with a “not” – money. Although the lack of fair compensation is a de-motivator, money itself is rarely a motivator.

2.  Explain value – how does each person contribute to the company vision, goals and priorities? Yes, it takes time to translate each person’s value but it has immeasurable results.

3.  Diversity – remember, not everyone is the same. Each person has different interests and motivations. Listen and find out what they are, and then modify your behavior to what works for each person.

4.  Leverage strengths – I haven’t found anyone who wants to fail, even the most miserable, negative employees. Forget about weaknesses that aren’t causing significant issues. Instead, build on each person’s strengths, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

5.  Trust – do what you say you’ll do, and don’t commit to things you know cannot be realistically delivered (even if it is what people want to hear at the moment). As simple as it sounds, it’s not simple to do. Trust will have a profound effect on motivation.

6.  Reward performance and take action with non-performers – one of the most overlooked, yet critical leadership action items. Many times, this is #1 for your top performers. It is critical to note that BOTH are required to truly motivate your top performers. Do not put it aside for a day when you have “time”. 

Use these tips to motivate your team and profit through your people.

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