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Are Your Employees #1?

July 22nd, 2020

During this crisis, what we do and how we handle our employees will make our future success. I’ve heard stories of small businesses that closed and didn’t even communicate to their employees.  Conversely, I’ve heard about companies taking great care of their employees.

Which will turn into long-term success?

  • Who Should We Retain? If there ever was a time to make sure you keep your best and most valuable employees, it is NOW. Make sure you find a way to take care of your “A” critical players.
  • How Do We Handle the Shutdown? -There are lots of resources on our coronavirus webpage and upcoming webinars on how to handle the organizational development ,as well as the HR and compliance aspects of a shutdown.  Stay up-to-date.
  • How Do We Maintain Safety for Those Working? Of course, we have all heard about social distancing but how do we implement these changes in our facilities? We should be thinking and implementing whether we are running or shutdown because this pandemic is not going to be over quickly. What else should we do to ensure safety? Again, refer to our coronavirus resources webpage for ideas.
  • How Do We Ensure the IT capabilities and security required? Hopefully you have already have a top notch partner to assist. If not, contact one rapidly. Check out our trusted advisor resources for suggestions. There is much to think about to ensure your employees are able to work, are able to work securely and can still collaborate successfully. Also there is a webinar in the Thriving Through Ambiguity webinar series on just this topic.
  • How to Go Beyond the Basics?   Again, these types of articles and resources are on our  coronavirus blog articles and trusted advisor resources webpage. We MUST get beyond the basics to how we successfully navigate this pandemic and emerge rapidly to success. This will be the focus of our upcoming e-book as well.

Put your employees at the top of your to-do list and keep it there so employees remain a top priority.

Lisa’s Tips – Safety

November 6th, 2010

Bedrock – always appropriate. I want to thank my mentor in this topic, Debra Daniels for her expertise – Debra, have I incorporated your wisdom appropriately?

Build safety into the culture – most safety programs are pointless as they are considered an outside program (and many times, meetings are viewed as something to survive through). Instead, build it into the daily routine – it is the ONLY road to success.

Emphasize common sense – instead of complex programs and useless signs that most employees ignore, emphasize common sense. If sticking your hand into the machine might cause it to be cut off, don’t do it. Obvious but not necessarily common if the company focuses all communications on efficiency at the expense of all else.

Involve the employees – who knows best what is safe and how to ensure safety? The person dealing with the topic on a daily basis.

Make safety a top priority – it doesn’t work to say it’s a top priority but only follow it when convenient or easy. Instead, communicate its importance. Assign key resources to the topic. In essence, show that it’s a priority.

Don’t forget to track progress – TIR or total incident rate is a common metric. Track progress. But ensure that employees are encouraged to report close calls and opportunities; otherwise, you’ve violated the #1 rule of “saying it’s a priority but not demonstrating it’s a priority”.