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Supply Chain Strategy

October 8th, 2015
supply chain strategy

Day-to-day business issues keep managers from thinking about supply chain strategy. But pausing to strategize will give you time to focus on the right priorities.

Have you thought about your supply chain strategy lately? Or, are you focused on the day-to-day supply chain issues that occur? My clients seem to focus 80% of their time on fire-fighting, much to their chagrin. Instead, we need to set aside specific time to think about supply chain strategy. Consider the following questions:

  • Customers’ locations – where are your customers located? Have you put them on the map?
  • Customers’ expectations – what type of service level do your customers expect? Do they have any other key requirements?
  • Suppliers’ locations – where are your suppliers located?
  • Supplier agreements – what types of agreements do you have with your suppliers?
  • Transportation partners – who are your transportation partners? Which areas do they service?
  • Industry – what does your industry look like? What specific requirements does your industry expect?
  • Market conditions – are there any market conditions you should leverage?
  • Risk – which risks are most likely to occur? How can your company account for them with your supply chain strategy?
  • Strategic advantage – what is your strategic advantage in the marketplace? How does your supply chain fit into it?
  • And there are many more – not all supply chains are alike. Think about what is most relevant when thinking of your supply chain strategy.

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Organization Essential to Strategic Focus

August 8th, 2013
Order from Chaos with Lisa Anderson, LMA Consulting Group

Bring order to chaos – organize and redefine your priorities.

Organization is one of the key tenets required to be successful with an eagle eye strategic focus so that you can rapidly assess strategic priorities. I’ve yet to run across an organization with just the right amount of priorities – have you? Here are a few strategies to improve your organizational abilities:

1. Keep lists – don’t get caught up in the latest techno gadget on how to track your to-do list; instead, just make sure to keep a simple to-do list. If your list is long, put a star by the items required immediately. I find it to be simple yet invaluable.

2. Keep a calendar – again, it doesn’t matter whether it is a piece of paper or on a cell phone – each will work effectively or become a total waste, depending on how it’s used. I prefer using a calendar on my phone; however, I’ve found it depends completely on the person as to what is most effective.

The most important factor is to keep your calendar updated and accessible. Do not over-schedule your time – add time between appointments, for breaks, etc.

3. Categorize – One way to organize is to find ways to categorize – develop categories and use them as it makes sense for grouping like-items together for quicker and more efficient decision making and follow-up. For example, consider storing your documents by the project, type, follow-up date etc. – choose a method that works for you.

4. Make it visual – one of the concepts of lean is also critical for organization – making it visual. Contrary to popular theory, consider NOT putting all your papers away in files/ drawers. As soon as I put something away, it’s forgotten. Instead, prioritize and keep at least the upcoming, critical priorities with associated paperwork in clear sight. Track progress visually as well.

5. The environment – yes, it is true that a clean and well lit environment is more conducive to success. There is no need to go overboard though – focus on your environment to the degree that you can find what you need when you need it. And, it might be surprising but good lighting can make a huge difference.

6. Accountability – as usual for achieving success, create an environment of accountability.