RIGOROUS FOLLOW-UP. Although there are other ingredients, the absolute best projects will fail without rigorous follow-up. And, conversely, so-so projects can become wild successes with rigorous follow-up.

Projects are commonplace. Throughout my career, I’ve participated in projects, performed tasks for projects and led projects. In working across multilpe industries, companies ranging in size from a 1-2 person shop to Coca-Cola Enterprises, and across borders, I estimate that 70-80% of employees participate in a project in one way or another. Therefore, it is rather critical to ensure a worthwhile return on investment on projects – after all, by virtue of the time spent, there is already a significant investment……the only question is the return.

Typically the potential for the return is viable or the project wouldn’t be considered, as few companies have people with extra time on their hands to work on known, non-value add projects. Therefore, the key is execution. And one if not the largest compoment to successful execution is rigorous follow-up.

Why? In my experience, management is often times disappointed in the results of projects, as they continually move out, other priorities arise, people lose focus, etc. One way to combat these issues is through rigorous follow-up – essentially, focus alone resolves the plethora of issues. For an example of the benefits that can be achieved through rigorous follow-up, here is a case study illustrating the situation, results & how it was accomplished: https://www.lma-consultinggroup.com/case_study7.html.

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