I saw an article in APICS about U.K.’s manufacturing growth, and it surprised me; thus, I thought it would be an interesting blog article. Manufacturing grew more than it has in 16 years – impressive!

Growing a business can actually be more challenging than downsizing! Of course, it is a more pleasant problem to have; however, it can turn quite unpleasant if the business is unsuccessful in growing WHILE keeping customers happy, maintaining a reasonable cost structure etc.

Although the U.S. will not return to the GO-GO days of the mid 2000’s, it is likely to experience rapid growth at times vs. the recession days of the last few years. Thus, managing growth could be an issue for the U.S. as well.

Start by taking a step back and thinking of how you’ll plan for rapid growth without throwing the baby out with the bathwater (and spending excessive money on something that might not occur). What can you do to remain flexible? What can you do to proactive communicate with customers and potential customers so that you’ll see it coming?


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