Typically no one; however, it is critical to make the time. In our current, turbulent economic times, it is all the more essential to prioritize your activities and focus on key projects. I hear the comments all the time – we reduced staff and don’t have the time, we are struggling to get our normal jobs done and don’t have the time for extra work, etc. So, why is it so important? Many times, the quickest path to increasing productivity, profitability and cash flow is to get the right group of people together to focus on a priority activity that will directly relate to driving profit to the bottom line.

For example, throughout my career, greater than 80% of the most successful activities that directly impacted business performance were the direct result of a project. At first, I thought it was surprising that I haven’t seen more examples of solely individual successes (including my own) that impacted the bottom line. I believe this demonstrates the value of a team effort towards a common purpose – and typically delivering bottom line business results involves multiple functions, partners (suppliers, customers etc), etc. Thus, think about reprioritizing your activities and/or learning more about project management – what is most impactful to your organization and for your career path?

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