If you worked in a Disneyland environment for several years, do you think you’d get used to Disneyland treatment? Of course! Who wouldn’t like to have a “parade” of good wishes surrounding them on a daily basis. Well, lately, I’ve seen several examples of people transitioning from positive, team-based work environments to different environments (some just different, some negative-based, some with a leader who is negative-based, some with a negative team). Unfortunately, it is at least twice as hard to deal with what might have been a “fine environment” prior to the Disneyland experience than it would have been if you never had the Disneyland experience. I am NOT advocating avoiding creating and/or working in a fabulous environment (after all, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in more than 1 during my career prior to being solely in charge of creating my working environment in my business when most are fortunate to work in just 1) – it can be such an enriching experience not to be missed. Of course, if you are the lead creator, KEEP your new environment, note the effects on your team, and help them understand how to create the elements on their own. And, if you are a participant in the culture/ situation, take a step back and think about what makes (or made) the situation special. How can you create the key elements for yourself? Your team? Your peers? As I said in my last post, assume the position of strength and lead the process (even if you are the lowest man on the totem pole, it can be done). You will be surprised as to how easily it can transition into a new, different positive experience.

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