Refocused Key ERP Functionality to Drive Business Results


A leader in aerospace metals distribution faced a significant challenge immediately after going live with Oracle — suddenly they needed at least twice the effort and people in order to limp by internally while trying to make it invisible to their customers.

What We Did

  • Worked with a cross-functional team to identify the greatest leverage points to improve performance and then prioritized and developed action plans to address
  • Reviewed the company’s use of Oracle in combination with their business processes in the key areas that caused the greatest disruption to the business (for example, we adjusted the ATP settings)
  • Helped to establish a new culture which assimilated the best of the old and new business processes and systems


  • Identified key Oracle functionality and revised its use in order to significantly improve visibility so that the facilities could ensure service levels remained intact
  • Simplified the approach to integrating the business processes with the system to better optimize the use of resources
  • Leveraged the appropriate Oracle functionality to develop a solution to the significant roadblock and core business need of new item creation and maintenance
  • Facilitated the development of reporting and analysis so that the business leaders could make better-informed decisions

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