Change Management

Smart Succession Planning: Getting Ready for Your Next Move

Succession planning is an opportunity for innovation and creating a positive workplace as you assess the talent you need to grow and sustain your business. Guest Post by: Gayle Lantz What if you lost one of your key employees unexpectedly? Happens all the time. “We really need to get [...]

Strategies to Succeed with Organizational Change

Organizational change doesn’t have to be scary. It is an opportunity for innovation and creating a positive workplace as long as strategy and frequent communication are applied.Volatility is the new normal. Those organizations that can succeed with change will thrive. Thus, it is worthwhile thinking about how to become [...]

How to Select Priorities

You’re in danger of spinning your wheels aimlessly by having too many priorities. Focus on the priorities that truly impact your business and are aligned with your strategy. I've yet to meet a client that didn't have FAR too many priorities for what could be achieved successfully. Instead of [...]

How Empowered and Engaged Employees Can Fill the Skills Gap

Playing on the strengths of high performing employees can lessen skills gaps within your organization while motivating everyone to perform at a higher level.Not a day goes by when an employee, volunteer, Board member or colleague doesn’t retire, get promoted, move companies, change roles within the company or at [...]

Your Presence

How we look, communicate and relate to people makes a statement about us that may have lasting results. Always start off on the right foot. I've discovered that as much as content and results are king, presence matters. First impressions can be paramount. Don't despair if you "missed your [...]

The Skills Gap

With an increasingly complex business environment, businesses need to know how to resolve skill gaps in their workplace The skills gap is a rapidly growing issue for manufacturers and distributors. Almost every day that I go into a client, go to a trade association meeting or talk with colleagues, [...]

Hard to Find Needed Talent

77% of those surveyed are struggling to hire people with all of the required skill sets.Manufacturers and distributors cannot find top talent!  In a survey conducted by my firm, LMA Consulting Group Inc. in conjunction with the APICS-Inland Empire chapter, it was found that 77% of manufacturers are struggling [...]

Which Social Network is the Best One for Getting Started?

Leverage Social Networks to Drive Business Results I’m frequently asked which social media tool is best for those who want to get started.  For manufacturing and distribution professionals, undoubtedly, it is Linked In!  One of the most recent statistics I’ve heard is that there are more than 259 million [...]

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Lantz on Leadership: A Practical Approach to Creating Profit through People and Process

In this radio talk show interview, Lisa Anderson provides tips and techniques on how to leverage people and processes to achieve the best business results and in preparation for the "new normal" business environment. Use controls below to listen. Download MP3

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