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Lost in the Culture Change Maze? 4 Strategies to Succeed

Navigating culture change is a requirement for success.Published in "Project Times" website, March, 2013Click here for original article. In my 20+ years of experience as an operations executive, a global supply chain consultant and a non-profit trade association leader, I’ve found navigating culture change is a requirement for success [...]

Project Failure: How to Avoid Top Causes

Communication is vital to project management success. Are you looking for different methods to make certain your messages is getting across?Published in "ExecutiveBrief" website, April, 2013Click here for original article. So much of an organization’s success is tied to project success! Can you think of any significant organization initiative [...]

Tips for the New Year – 2011

Tips to Kick-off the New Year Re-connect with your vision - where are you going and why? Relationships are #1 - no matter what business you are in, valuing relationships is key to success. How can you develop enduring relationships? Re-connect? Nurture? Prioritize - undoubtedly, you can have 1000's [...]

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2011 Trends

The stock market is over 11,500 and the economy seems to be picking up with solid holiday sales, even with big ticket purchases like cars. Who would have thought GM, Ford and Chrysler's sales would rise in December? It's clear - we've emerged from the recession and have entered [...]

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The Aftermath of a Layoff

Unfortunately, there have been countless layoffs during the recession - and some recent announcements by companies such as American Express and Abbott. Your company will not leverage the recovery if you haven't thought about 'what next' for the survivors: It's all about people. Do the survivors know they are [...]

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Success in the New Normal Recovery

As the stock market just topped 12,000, it is apparent we are in a recovery. Yet it is far from a traditional recovery - jobless with limited growth. In fact, to most everyday people, it doesn't feel like a recovery. As I've talked with clients and business contacts and [...]

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Lean – Fad or Vehicle to Bottom Line Results?

If you notice and act upon trends, you will succeed. In my 20 years of experience across multiple industries and globally, I've found that a secret to success is identifying trends EARLY in the process and then acting upon them as it makes sense. Lately, I've had a plethora [...]

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Sales & Operations Planning Drives RESULTS

Sales & Operations Planning (sometimes known as SIOP or sales, inventory & operations planning) drives revenue, profitability and cash flow. Here are 5 tips to ensure success: Balances demand & supply – The key benefit of SIOP is to balance demand (sales forecasts) with supply (our ability to meet [...]

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