Rip City Interview: What is Going on with Toilet Paper?

I was very excited to be interviewed by Rip City about why grocery stores cannot keep toilet paper in stock. We discussed how we can resolve the issue so that toilet paper and other essential supplies are back in stock and how the supply chain works. Listen to the [...]

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Request for Help & Creativity for Manufacturers

March 26, 2020 Since I relate to several different manufacturing and supply chain organizations, I've seen several requests for our expertise. Thus, I am passing them all on so that we can help fight this coronavirus by pulling together our resources and expertise. We are in a new world [...]

Coronavirus: Resources for Businesses & Individuals

March 19, 2020 What else could we be thinking about this week?!?! Of course, the coronavirus is top of mind. I met with a group of top notch trusted advisors yesterday (via Zoom) and we shared resources. We had trusted advisors including CPAs, attorneys, HR consultants, bankers, insurance providers [...]

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Restocking Shelves Amid the Novel Coronavirus

Published in The Signal Santa Clarita Valley on March 17, 2020 “Who and how distant their suppliers are can affect how swiftly stores restock”, said Lisa Anderson, a Claremont-based manufacturing and supply-chain expert and president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. Click here to read more.

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Special Report: 2020 Predictions

We received such a positive response to last year’s predictions report that we wanted to add to that value in 2020. It was an exciting process to see what CEOs, executives and thought leaders of manufacturing and logistics organizations think about the current trends, what’s coming, and most importantly, [...]

Coronavirus Spurs Supply Chain into Prominence

March 11, 2020 The House of Representatives has launched a new Congressional Supply Chain Caucus. The coronavirus is spurring supply chain into the limelight. Certainly, as China is impacted, the effects to the supply chain will be felt throughout the world in 2-3 months (and sooner for countries [...]

Coronavirus and Impacts in the Supply Chain

February 17, 2020 I was talking with a Los Angeles Times reporter about the coronavirus a few days ago, and it spurred several thoughts about down-the-line impacts beyond the obvious. According to the Epoch Times, the coronavirus impacts will hit within the next few months. This makes perfect [...]

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