Texas Grocery Chain Does a Bang-Up Job Against Coronavirus

Published in Courthouse News Service on April 1, 2020 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., mentions that “she’s impressed by how fast grocers responded to the increased demand caused by shoppers hoarding products with fears governments would impose quarantines [...]

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Your People During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, your people should be top priority. As we always start with safety, this situation should be no different. Figure out how to prepare your workplace. Revise policies, meetings, and critical work so that you can follow social distancing requirements and keep your employees as safe [...]

Should We Prioritize or Deprioritize Innovation & Technology During the Coronavirus

What is the first thing that happens when a client is shutdown due to the coronavirus? Cut all unnecessary spending. Certainly, I agree with this approach in most situations. If you cannot pay for your employees, you shouldn't pay for unnecessary expenses! However, if the situation isn't dire, it [...]

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JIT Might Not Be What it is Cracked Up to Be?!

Just-in-time might not be what it is cracked up to be! Certainly, the coronavirus impacts should give us reason to question this rule at face value. Are you running so tight that you only have one bin, pallet or small supermarket to keep your facility running? If so, the [...]

Coronavirus & Economic Impacts

After concern about health and safety is worry about the economy and our livelihood. Thus, we thought we'd address this topic with the latest information by the experts....and a few of our thoughts thrown in for good measure. According to the economic update by the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, [...]

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Quoted in the Signal on Restocking Shelves Amid the Novel Coronavirus

I talked with the Santa Clarita Valley Signal on the problems keeping shelves stocked amid the coronavirus lockdown. We talked about the end-to-end supply chain and what impacts the supply chain would have on how quickly the shelves would be restocked. See below for the reprinted article from the [...]

Rip City Interview: What is Going on with Toilet Paper?

I was very excited to be interviewed by Rip City about why grocery stores cannot keep toilet paper in stock. We discussed how we can resolve the issue so that toilet paper and other essential supplies are back in stock and how the supply chain works. Listen to the [...]

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Request for Help & Creativity for Manufacturers

March 26, 2020 Since I relate to several different manufacturing and supply chain organizations, I've seen several requests for our expertise. Thus, I am passing them all on so that we can help fight this coronavirus by pulling together our resources and expertise. We are in a new world [...]

Coronavirus: Resources for Businesses & Individuals

March 19, 2020 What else could we be thinking about this week?!?! Of course, the coronavirus is top of mind. I met with a group of top notch trusted advisors yesterday (via Zoom) and we shared resources. We had trusted advisors including CPAs, attorneys, HR consultants, bankers, insurance providers [...]

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Restocking Shelves Amid the Novel Coronavirus

Published in The Signal Santa Clarita Valley on March 17, 2020 “Who and how distant their suppliers are can affect how swiftly stores restock”, said Lisa Anderson, a Claremont-based manufacturing and supply-chain expert and president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. Click here to read more.

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