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Supply Chain Collaboration

Collaborating with supply chain partners not only develops stronger partnerships but it also can deliver significant bottom line business results. I've noticed that my strongest clients dedicate time and attention to developing relationships and collaborating with their suppliers, customers, transportation partners, brokers, trusted advisors etc. There are countless options [...]

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What Manufacturers Need to Do About Data Recovery After a Disaster

Published in ThomasNet News on Sept. 17, 2013 Consultant Lisa Anderson of LMA Consulting Group in Claremont, Calif., urged manufacturers to make sure that nightly backups are completed. “Having a second location to store or perform the nightly backup is preferred,” she added. “For example, if you have facilities [...]

Are You On-Time, On-Budget and On-Results? Go Back to the Basics!

Published in Project Times May 29, 2013 What company doesn't have at least several projects going at once to try to support essential objectives? In my 20+ years of experience as a global business consultant and operations executive, I've yet to see one! As projects are commonplace in organizations, [...]

Big Data & The Supply Chain

Big data is now central to supply chain management. As much as I rarely jump on the latest buzzword bandwagons (as I find them to be a waste of time), big data is an important emerging topic in supply chain. The amount of data continues to grow - we [...]

What is a Systems Pragmatist?

Systems Pragmatists incorporate design every step of the way, and stay several steps ahead of the process. Would you select curtains to spice up a house with a rickety foundation? I certainly hope not! Instead, you would resolve your foundation issues before even thinking about nice-to-have's. So why do [...]

5 ERP Selection Pitfalls

I get "too many" calls to help resolve problems associated with system upgrades and/or new system implementations. How can some of these be avoided during the selection process? The good salesman - ERP software suppliers have to be some of the best salespeople I've seen. Even when you are [...]

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Project Management Software – NOT Critical to Success

Published in "Project Times" website, November, 2009 Click here for original article. Eliminate the excuses! There's NO investment required to achieve the 80/20 of project management success.  As businesses are struggling in the recession or reluctant to spend as they slowly emerge from the recessionary climate, it seems timely [...]

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Common Pitfalls to ERP Project Success

Published in "Project Times" website, February, 2010 Click here for original article. As we are beginning to emerge from the recession, I've noticed that there has been an uptick in interest for ERP implementations. Of course, we are nowhere near the interest levels of pre-2000; however, businesses are beginning [...]

ERP Implementation: Secrets of Success

Published in "Project Times" website, December, 2010 Click here for original article. During the recession, many ERP (enterprise resource planning) system implementations have been put on hold.  Now that we are emerging from the recession, companies are beginning to think about implementing – even if not a full implementation, [...]

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Lessons Learned: ERP Failure

How effective is your ERP selection and implementation process? Published in "The ACA Group" website, November, 2011 ERP system implementations fell off the grid during the recession; however, I've seen resurgence in the last year. Companies are thinking about investing again. However, although businesses are picking up, they are [...]

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