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Successful System Implementations

The multifaceted task of implementing a successful ERP system starts with selecting the “right” system and having a cohesive, adaptable strategy. As strange as it might sound, the software and its features is typically the least important ingredient to success. Instead, focus on... Just the critical few key requirements. [...]

Software selection

As complicated as most companies seem to make it, the critical factors in software selection boil down to a select few: Understand your business - what are the critical functional requirements? Don't worry about everything required in every module to run your business. Instead, take a step back and [...]

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Leverage Your ERP System for Bottom Line Business Results

In my conversations and discussions with clients, bankers, CPA's and business contacts, I have a different picture than is presented in the news and is implied in recent stock market performance. In my view, there is a stabilization; however, this "new normal" business environment is one characterized by lower [...]

Leveraging Your ERP System

Another way to succeed in today's new normal is with innovation and leveraging already-existing assets. As I thought about leveraging ERP systems for a speech I gave earlier this month, I thought a few tips and questions to ponder might be of value: Improve service: how can you utilize [...]

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Can You Prevent ERP Implementation Chaos?

Achieve expected returns from your ERP implementation by following three keys to success. I've found that noticing and acting on trends can be a key to success from both a professional and personal perspective. Lately there have been plenty of trends to notice; however, a noteworthy one is that [...]

Is Your Inventory System Working?

In my experience in working with clients across multiple industries, geographies and sizes, I have no doubt that effective inventory management is far from a no-brainer, yet implementing a few secrets to success can yield dramatic bottom line results. In today's new normal business environment, characterized by sluggish growth, [...]

Tips from System Upgrades

I'm seeing a trend of increased interest in leveraging additional business systems functionality in order to increase efficiencies, profits and customer service levels, and since I just completed an Accounting system upgrade, this topic is on my mind. It's all about the people - even though upgrading a system [...]

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Preparing for a New System

I've seen a steady increase in ERP selection, implementation and utilization projects as executives want to fully leverage the tools available to drive business results. However, a new system can be a significant undertaking. Only those who prepare will succeed. Document business processes - Start by documenting what occurs [...]

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