Future Proofing

Strategy Isn’t Long Term!

As I meet with countless CEOs and P&L leaders at clients, via connections, at speeches etc., I pay attention to what is top of mind. Strategy is always top of mind for the most successful business leaders! After all, if a CEO makes in the millions (the top 10 [...]

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Boom or Recession? What is the State of the Economy?

In the last few months, I've attended sessions on the global, national and regional state of the economy. Every executive, trusted advisor and colleague wants to know: Are we headed for a recession? The bottom line answer is that there are no signs of a recession in the foreseeable [...]

The Talent Transformation: People or Robots?

No matter the industry and geography, the topic of "People vs. Robots" is a hot topic! Certainly, manufacturing has been focused on technology and automation for quite some time to navigate the path to thrive in the modern environment of high costs, regulations, and elevated customer demands. The Manufacturing [...]

2018 Predictions from 18 Southern California Business Experts

Published in Accent Computer Solutions in January 2018 “Manufacturers and distributors will be focused on automation and leveraging technologies to achieve scalable and profitable growth” said Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group. Click here to read more.

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