Although there isn’t a bad time to talk about goals, it can be especially important as quarters wind down. Half the year is almost over. Have you thought about goals lately?

  1. Fit with strategy – Of course, the first order of business is to determine fit with strategy. What is the point of accomplishing goals which do not fit with strategy?
  2. Collaborative – Undoubtedly, those goals established in a collaborative manner will not only be more meaningful but also more likely to be achieved.
  3. Quarterly – Do NOT just set yearly goals. It’s the kiss of death! How will you chunk your goals into milestones? Think about them quarterly at a minimum.
  4. Limited # – One of the most common mistakes I see is executives having a plethora of goals. Limit it to 3. In my experience, 3 is a reasonable number to focus on at any one time to ensure success.

  5. Measurable – How will we know if progress has been made? Quarterly is far too long to wait to know if you’ve veered off track. Goals don’t have to be quantifiable in numbers yet there must be a way to gauge progress.