What’s Ahead in Technology?

To think about what's ahead in technology, it is important to put it in perspective with what's ahead in business.  Read our article, "What's Ahead in Business?" for details on the key trends impacting business: Importance of the customer experience Taking the holistic view has become a "must" Volatility [...]

Holiday Cards & the Personal Touch

December 19, 2018 Certainly when it comes to what I've really been thinking, there is no doubt I'd have to say "holiday cards"!  It has actually become somewhat funny.  I have a bit of an assembly line going with Outlook updates (as it makes no sense to send cards [...]

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Koalas, Kangaroos & Why Good Contacts Matter

December 11, 2018 When I was in Australia last month, I had a day and a half to tour the Melbourne area after my global strategy session and seeing my cousin. Since it was my first time to this area, and I don't know if/when I'll return, I [...]

Global Consultants & The Value of Diversity

November 27, 2018 When I was in Australia last week for a meeting with my global consulting strategy group, it hit home that there is power in diversity.  We represent 4 countries (Australia, Japan, U.S. and Canada), a diverse group of company types (from tiny to Fortune 100 businesses [...]

Giving Thanks & Why It Matters

November 19, 2018 Since it is Thanksgiving week, it seems only appropriate to talk about giving thanks.   A BIG THANKS to these people/ groups who have been instrumental in our success - and making it an enjoyable journey along the way: Our clients - as much as our clients [...]

Last Mile Has Become Last Minute & the GE Port Optimizer

November 12, 2018 There is no doubt - last mile has become last minute, meaning every customer changes his/her mind.  Whether it is due to consumer preference or supporting an industry that seems rather known (for example, it is clear what will be purchased to build a 737 airplane, [...]

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Mfg. Etc. Meeting Demand

Published in FabShop Magazine Direct in May 2018 “When we start to talk about the Amazon effect, it’s really a metaphor for rapid 24/7 delivery” says Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group. Click here to read more.

Harvey Mudd Students Lauded for Manufacturing Innovation

Published in Harvey Mudd College on March 5, 2018 Lisa Anderson presents the Manufacturer’s Council of the Inland Empire Innovation Award to Harvey Mudd College Students for their work with Purosil. The award was presented in February at the MCIE’s 2018 Manufacturers’ Summit. Click here to read more.

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Retaining your Best & Brightest is Key to a Successful Succession Plan

Published in tED Magazine on December 2014 According to a survey performed by the LMA Consulting Group (lma-consultinggroup.com) in conjunction with the APICS Inland Empire Chapter (apics-ie.org), executives said that succession planning is tied as a No. 1 priority in retaining top talent. This is especially noteworthy when considering [...]

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