Navigating the Widening Skills Gap

Published in tED Magazine on November 2014 According to a survey performed by the LMA Consulting Group (lmaconsultinggroup.com) in conjunction with the APICS Inland Empire Chapter (apics-ie.org), 87% of manufacturers and distributors are experiencing a skills gap—that is, they have lost qualified people to retirement, job transfers, etc. The [...]

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Watching Metrics Trends

Collecting lots of data isn’t enough to improve service levels. A successful manager tracks relevant metric trends and puts the information into action. One of the keys to success for any business is to watch metrics trends. In my experience, if a client watches key trends, they tend to [...]

Why are Communications So Difficult?

Communications can get muffled in a busy work environment, but effective leadership makes information delivery a key component in daily operations. In my almost 25 year-career in manufacturing and distribution, I've yet to see a company with "perfect" communications. I've seen a few stars (unfortunately the 20% of the [...]

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How to Get a Job in Manufacturing IT

Published in Computerworld on April 16, 2014 Manufacturers are investing in technology and systems that help their efficiency or improve profitability, comments Lisa Anderson, out Lisa Anderson, president of Claremont, CA-based LMA Consulting Group, Inc. in Claremont, CA. "They want to automate and provide more visibility about orders to [...]

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Lantz on Leadership: A Practical Approach to Creating Profit through People and Process

In this radio talk show interview, Lisa Anderson provides tips and techniques on how to leverage people and processes to achieve the best business results and in preparation for the "new normal" business environment. Use controls below to listen. Download MP3

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Leadership to Accelerate Bottom Line Results

In today’s “new normal” business environment, leadership is even more critical to achieving bottom line results because customers are demanding more for less, employees are concerned about the future and cash is tight. In my experience working with clients across multiple industries and globally, I’ve found there is one [...]

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Defining the Entrepreneurial Spirit

As originally published in Inside Supply Management August 2011 Achieve an entrepreneurial spirit or be left to slowly wither away in today’s new normal business environment.  With the retiring of the baby boomers, high commodity prices and nagging unemployment, the new normal is characterized by weak sales growth (at [...]

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Why Leadership Can Make or Break Your Business: A Compilation of Case Study Examples

As originally written for AMA – April 2010 In today’s “new normal” business environment, leadership is even more critical to achieving bottom line results because customers are demanding more for less, employees are concerned about the future, and cash is tight.  In my experience in working with clients across [...]

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The Bright Side of Big Bonuses

Published in ABC News on March 20, 2009  Lisa Anderson, founder and president LMA Consulting Group, Inc. in southern California said bonuses, generally speaking, can play a big role in retention. "Overall, I believe that money is not a motivator but the lack of it is a motivator," she [...]

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