Top Strategies to Ensure Success in the New Year

As we start the New Year, I thought it was worthwhile to discuss critical yet often overlooked blocking and tackling maneuvers that ensure success. As most are debating New Year's resolutions and how to reengage after the holidays, why not get a leg up on the competition by excelling [...]

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Develop a Talent Edge

If there is one common recurring theme with my clients, it's that those companies who find and retain the best people will thrive while their competition struggles to remain in the game. In my experience in working with executives across multiple industries and globally, those who create a talent [...]

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Customer Communications

Customer communication is always a good idea; however, leveraging customer communications during the new normal business environment is vital to success. Pick up the phone - some of the largest successes I've seen result from simple yet critical conversations. It can be as simple as calling a customer to [...]

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Gain an Edge with S&OP

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) can give your business an edge over the competition - minimal investment in resources to yield substantial results! Although S&OP which balances demand with supply has been around for a long time, I've seen interest in this concept increase as businesses are looking for [...]

Top 3 Causes of Poor Inventory Management

No matter why a client first calls, one of the challenges or areas of opportunity for significant gain stems back to inventory management. On the other hand, it isn't too surprising as with manufacturers and distributors, a key to operational success is effective inventory management. Beyond that, it can [...]

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Bedrock Topic: Inventory Accuracy

Inventory accuracy is often overlooked, but it is vital to to bottom line business results.Although a bedrock topic, inventory accuracy is often overlooked in operations strategy discussions as it becomes an assumption or something that just should occur. However, I am constantly reminded of its vital importance and impact [...]

Capacity Planning

The need for improved capacity and staffing analysis and decision-making arises frequently as a critical success factor with my clients, and so I thought a few tips would be beneficial: Start simple - Complex models don't drive results. Simple, easy-to-understand data will give you what you need to succeed. [...]

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8 Don’ts in Leveraging Social Networks Successfully

I've yet to meet a manufacturer or distributor that didn't want to improve customer service and operational performance - and preferably yesterday. In today's new normal business environment, it is a tough competitive environment - you must be ahead of your competition in understanding your customers' desires and provide [...]

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Emerging Supply Chain Trends

Stay on top of trends to stand out from the crowd.Those executives who stay on top of the latest trends and search for patterns and trends in their business are far more successful than their counterparts. In my 20+ years of experience across multiple industries and globally, I've seen [...]

Hit the Ground Running in 2013

How do we get ahead of our competition in today's new normal? What used to work will lead to disaster in these new times. Instead, we must stand out from the crowd with our customers in mind. One way to accomplish this is to be ahead of the curve [...]

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