Supply Planning (Production, Capacity, Materials, Replenishment, Inventory)

VMI – Success Directly Correlates to People

As with almost every topic our clients call about, VMI and supply chain partner collaboration programs are no different. Success directly correlates to people. What should you be thinking about when it comes to VMI and people? Do your employees and partners understand VMI and the benefits of VMI? [...]

VMI – Do You Need Software?

A Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) initiative will improve services levels and may not require supporting software. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) - do you need software? Of course, the answer is "It depends". A few items to think about to determine if you need software to support a VMI initiative: [...]

The 4Ps to Collaborative Customer Program Success

When connecting people and process, think about using customer collaborative programs to link strategy with execution. Collaborative customer programs are becoming increasingly popular in today’s new normal business environment. Customers such as Cardinal Healthcare, Boeing, and the like are searching for ways to partner closely with suppliers in a [...]

4 Keys to VMI Success

The keys to vendor managed inventory (VMI) success. Before talking about the keys to achieving VMI (vendor managed inventory) success, the question is: what is VMI? VMI is a process where the supplier places purchase orders for their customers to agreed-upon metrics. Why VMI? I'm a supply chain and [...]

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