Recession-Proofing Strategies

Tips to Succeed During Economic Turmoil

As the global economy is in turmoil, almost all businesses are thinking about how to succeed during this turmoil. In some cases, businesses are struggling to survive and in need of turnaround strategies. In other cases, the business is achieving targets but concerned about future growth. Or, the business [...]

THRIVE in 2010’s “New Normal” Business Environment

Not only do I continue to see more evidence of the "new normal" business environment discussed in last month's issue but, in my discussions with clients and service providers, it's apparent that embracing and understanding how to thrive in the new normal is critical to success. As a reminder, [...]

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The 2010 “New Normal” Business Environment

The business environment has changed and will not "return to normal"; instead, a "new normal" is emerging. The U.S. and the world economy have been in a recession for at least a year, and the media is starting to discuss a slow recovery. Whether the recovery is weak or [...]

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Thrive During Recessionary Times – minimize complexity

The recession continues to seemingly worsen by the day. Businesses are cutting back. Employees are fearful. Foreclosures are rising. And the cycle continues. So, what is a manager or business to do to break this cycle? Minimize Complexity: One of the keys to success is to minimize unnecessary complexity. [...]

Thriving in Volatility & Recession

We are in an era of volatility. Who ever thought we'd get used to commonplace bank failures? How about the Dow rising or falling by hundreds of points in a day? Oil gushing into the Gulf? Toyota quality issues? Never! Get used to erratic change as it is the [...]

Business Development

What could be more important in today's new normal business environment of lackluster sales, strained liquidity and elevated customer service expectations than business development. Here are a few tips: Pick up the phone - as Sandi Brooks, a successful real estate broker even in today's weak market says, there [...]

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Inflation or Deflation? ……….Why Does it Matter?

Most economists and media are concerned about inflation. For example, a new McKinsey & Co study offers up inflation as a fresh concern. And the media talks quite a lot about the printing of money in Washington – and how that could easily lead to inflation. In my opinion, [...]

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