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Watch Interviews with Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson frequently is interviewed by the media, and she also seeks out experts to interview to bring the latest trends and ideas to the forefront

Supply Chain Brain Interview Stabilizing Supply Chains

SAP Conference Interview on Supply Chain & Cloud

Shark Bite Biz Interview on Pandemic Challenges

Bloomberg Interview on Supply Chain & Reshoring

Watch Webinars with Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson is always thinking about the latest trends and issues that will affect her clients. Watch a few of our clients’ favorites.

Future-Proofing Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Where is the Toilet Paper: Managing the Bullwhip

WITSA: The Supply Chain & COVID-19

Listen to Insights to Improve your Business & Career While on the Go

While walking, driving or on the go, listen to insights, strategies and even discussions to improve your business, and career and life

RipCity 620 Supply Chain Interview with Lisa Anderson

In this radio talk show interview, Lisa Anderson talks about the supply chain disruptions caused by COVID, why they are happening and potential solutions to resolve. She talks through examples including the run on toilet paper.

SAP Intelligent ERP: the Foundation of Digital Evolution

Businesses need an integrated, holistic vision of their operations to succeed in the digital age. Legacy ERP solutions can block communication, collaboration, and innovation. Guest experts Tim Crawford, Lisa Anderson, Eric Kavanagh and Tom Roberts explore how businesses can adopt–and make the most of–next-generation ERP.

Critical Mass Radio Show: Interview on Manufacturing & Supply Chain

In this radio talk show interview, Lisa Anderson talks about what is important to manufacturing and supply chain, how best practices can add value regardless of size and shares tips, ideas and strategies for manufacturing success.

Watch Panel Discussions

Lisa Andesron discusses and debates timely topics with CEOs and thought leaders on executive panels

The Future of Manufacturing in the United States

SelectHub: You ERP Selection & the Pandemic

Advanced Warehousing Metrics: Leveraging Key Metrics to Increase Efficiencies & Resiliency

LMA Consulting Research and Special Reports

We survey our clients and colleagues to understand the latest trends and impacts in our industry and summarize our findings

LMA-Intelligence to Stay on Top of Trends

We are at the forefront of the latest trends, developing proprietary models such as the LMA Performance Advantage and developing leading edge concepts for our clients to gain a competitive advantage. Explore our LMA Intelligence categories:


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