As I discussed in my Skills Gap research report, there is a significant disconnect between what companies need and what they have.  It is worrisome for our future if we cannot find a way to close this gap.  Of course, I have suggestions stemming from retention to hiring to training & development which I discussed in my recent Skills Gap article.  However, what do we do about the fact that manufacturing and distribution careers don’t seem to attract top talent?

Certainly, if you ask a college student about exciting and high-paying careers, most will talk about what’s reported on the news as the latest up-and-coming career path.  How do we move manufacturing and distribution careers UP that ladder?  How do we create the buzz?  It will be essential if we wish to attract the best and brightest – whether students or executives, we must make these roles more compelling.

My APICS Inland Empire chapter has assembled a panel of executives from top local firms to fortune 500 companies to debate and discuss this topic on May 3rd at Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona.  We’ll have an expert from a company who has achieved amazing results with their lean journey, another who has created strength in exports, a third who is a leader in logistics innovation and a training and development guru who is also the APICS Chair-elect.  Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn and network with your peers.

For those of you in other states (as I’m sure anyone near Corona, CA will attend in person), we won’t make you miss out completely.  I will summarize the highlights and key points in future newsletters, and I request your input and ideas.  It is a vital topic which will affect our long-term success.