How to Spot Trends

Factors to consider when you are looking for trends. Since identifying trends is an important Eagle Eye skill which is instrumental in finding opportunities to elevate performance, I thought a few ideas on how to spot trends would be helpful: Start with metrics - It is near impossible to [...]

Volatility is the New Norm – Are You Ready to Thrive with Change?

Published in Project Times, Wednesday, 24 April Click here for original article. Volatility is the new norm in today’s business environment. How often does your supplier decide to close up shop? Or, does your 20 year customer decide to go through a rigorous selection process? Or, does natural disaster [...]

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What is an Eagle Eye Strategic Focus?

A keen eye for details can uncover big savings. In my experience, I've found that watching trends is vital to success - if you can pick up on a key trends and get better positioned than your competition and/or jump on-board with strategic innovations early, you'll be guaranteed [...]

What’s the Secret Ingredient to Project Success?

Turn your thinking upside down and unlock the secret ingredient to success.Published in "Project Times" website, February, 2013Click here for original article. Volatility is the new norm. Results must be an assumption as companies struggle for high growth rates, fight to find and retain top talent and find that [...]

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Lost in the Culture Change Maze? 4 Strategies to Succeed

Navigating culture change is a requirement for success.Published in "Project Times" website, March, 2013Click here for original article. In my 20+ years of experience as an operations executive, a global supply chain consultant and a non-profit trade association leader, I’ve found navigating culture change is a requirement for success [...]

How to Thrive in 2010’s “New Normal” Business Operations Environment

Published in "IndustryWeek" website, December, 2009 Click here for original article. The business environment has changed and will not "return to normal"; instead, a "new normal" is emerging. The U.S. and the world economy have been in a recession for at least a year, and the media is starting [...]

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Driving a Winning Culture

How do you and your organization develop or maintain a winning culture? In my 20 years of experience in working with multiple companies across multiple industries and globally, there is a lot of talk about culture; however, little to no impact - bottom line results. On the other hand, [...]

How to Cultivate a Culture of Innovation

Pinpointing success is about re-packaging—literally and figuratively—by connecting the dots in a new way and seeing trends and hidden profit opportunities. Published in "The Business Edge" website, November, 2011 There has never been a better time to cultivate an environment of innovation! We are in what has been referred [...]

Would You Like To Add An Extra Hour Every Day?

Business productivity relies on employee time-management. Invest a little time upfront for a bigger productivity payoff in the long run. According to a sampling of business executives and managers, organization/ time management is emerging as one of the most critical issues in the workplace. As organizations struggle to achieve [...]

Secrets To Successful Change Management

Successful executives focus on the bottom line—they identify what works and what doesn't work—then they change what doesn’t work. In today's business environment, one fact that remains true is that change is constant. Change is required to remain competitive. The key to success is to manage change better than [...]

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