A Recap Of 2006’s Trends In The Workplace

As a business consultant and speaker, I interact with more companies, trade associations, and people than the average person. One of my passions and advantages in the workplace has been that I tend to see trends in people, situations, etc, and so I thought as 2006 closes, it would [...]

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Innovation/ R&D – Who Cares?

It is becoming more and more challenging to find a profitable niche in the marketplace, with more and more businesses competing with commodities and/or commodity pricing everyday. How do you escape from that rat race? One way is by beating your competition through innovation/ research and development (R&D). Innovation [...]

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Mergers & Acquisitions – How To Be One Of The 20% That Succeed

Between 70-80%+ of mergers and acquisitions fail to produce the results originally expected. Yet, there are still many venture capitalists and companies aggressively searching to merge and/or acquire a business. Why is the success rate so low? And, why can't 70-80%+ of the merger/ acquisition leadership teams find a [...]

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Tips to Succeed During Economic Turmoil

As the global economy is in turmoil, almost all businesses are thinking about how to succeed during this turmoil. In some cases, businesses are struggling to survive and in need of turnaround strategies. In other cases, the business is achieving targets but concerned about future growth. Or, the business [...]

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Leadership During Challenging Economic Times

No day passes by without all the news media reporting on the economic crisis and its effects on businesses, employees and the long term effects on the economy. There is no doubt that these constant negative reports can lead to increased stress and panic in the workplace - neither [...]

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