2010’s New Normal Volatility – What to do?

2010's "new normal" is volatility. Who ever thought we'd get used to commonplace bank failures? How about the Dow rising or falling by hundreds of points in a day? Oil gushing into the Gulf? Toyota quality issues? Never! Get used to erratic change as it is the "new normal". [...]

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The Aftermath of a Layoff

Unfortunately, there have been countless layoffs during the recession - and some recent announcements by companies such as American Express and Abbott. Your company will not leverage the recovery if you haven't thought about 'what next' for the survivors: It's all about people. Do the survivors know they are [...]

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Success in the New Normal Recovery

As the stock market just topped 12,000, it is apparent we are in a recovery. Yet it is far from a traditional recovery - jobless with limited growth. In fact, to most everyday people, it doesn't feel like a recovery. As I've talked with clients and business contacts and [...]

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Want to Improve Your Business But Not Sure Where to Start?

Learn how your business stacks up with internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), then take action. Volatility is here to stay! Even though we continue to drudge along in the lackluster recovery, excitement remains - earthquakes, nuclear disasters, global conflicts in Libya, oil prices skyrocketing again, [...]

Lean – Fad or Vehicle to Bottom Line Results?

If you notice and act upon trends, you will succeed. In my 20 years of experience across multiple industries and globally, I've found that a secret to success is identifying trends EARLY in the process and then acting upon them as it makes sense. Lately, I've had a plethora [...]

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Volatility is the New Norm

In today's new normal business environment, volatility is the new norm. Change is required to remain competitive or to become competitive. If you manage change better than your competition, you'll have the opportunity to leapfrog the competition. In the last several years, I've seen a multitude of examples of [...]

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Scorecards/ Metrics – how to make a difference to your bottom line

Why track performance? Not tracking performance would be the same as if you watched a football game and never knew the score - what fun would that be? And why watch at all? Scorecards and metrics are your tool for understanding progress towards your business goals and they provide [...]

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Lessons from my Finance Mentor: How to Turn a Profit

My finance mentor definitely signifies "profit through people". I learned more from him about how to make a profit in the years we worked together than my BSBA, MBA (in Finance) and all the training classes over the years combined. He took all the complex terminology, confusing formulas and [...]

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