Always an appropriate topic but especially key during a recession: Plan - as obvious as it sounds, think in advance about your projected income and expenses. I'm constantly surprised how many businesses and households do not plan and then are surprised at the results. Think big picture - forget [...]

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Innovate or Die

In today's economic environment, slow and steady progress, a continuous improvement philosophy and a low-cost producer, commodity focus will likely result in death. Why? Because it takes more than "good" to stand out in the crowd and deliver consistent and growing profitability; it takes radical change and innovation. In [...]

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Execution: The Difference Between Profit & Loss

Lately, I've been thinking about trends among my consulting clients and how my value has most helped in driving bottom line results. Undoubtedly, it boils down to execution. Those clients who are able to execute strategies and plans are those who are the most successful – grow the business [...]

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Business Development

What could be more important in today's new normal business environment of lackluster sales, strained liquidity and elevated customer service expectations than business development. Here are a few tips: Pick up the phone - as Sandi Brooks, a successful real estate broker even in today's weak market says, there [...]

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Often Overlooked Options to Drive Revenue Growth

In today's new normal business environment, characterized by sluggish growth, tight liquidity, elevated customer expectations and a general theme of "more for less", there's no doubt revenue has to be a top priority. Add demographic trends, and revenue becomes a critical priority. As baby boomers begin retiring, spending will [...]

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