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Retailers Slowly Catching Up on the Demand for Everyday Necessities

Published in 10 News Tampa Bay on April 27, 2020 Lisa Anderson, Supply Chain Expert and Consultant, President of LMA Consulting Group, said “companies are starting to produce more products than average to keep up with the demand. Click here to read more.

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What’s Happening in Manufacturing & the Supply Chain: Economic Impact of COVID-19 LMA Consulting

Demand & Supply Are Out of Whack!

April 24, 2020 Demand and supply are out of whack to say the least. Manufacturers that supply toilet paper, food, healthcare products and other essential goods are seeing a surge in demand whereas those that don't are seeing demand plummet. China was under lock down previously (causing a [...]

Quoted in Direct Relief About When Supply Chain and Human Behavior Converge

I talked with the Direct Relief about the global supply chain during the pandemic. We discussed the issues of hoarding, the impacts on the global supply chain and what could be done to realign the supply chain so that consumers had what they needed where they needed it when [...]

The Future of Manufacturing in the United States

Published in Insomnicat Media on April 22, 2020 Lisa Anderson, Supply Chain Expert and Consultant, President of LMA Consulting Group, discusses what the future of electronics manufacturing could look like for the United States when the crisis ends. Click here to read more. [...]

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What’s the Best Way to Implement ERP Software?

Published in SelectHub on April 20, 2020 Lisa Anderson, founder, and president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., based in Claremont, Calif explains the importance of setting a healthy budget. Click here to read more.

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Coronavirus Impact on Our Employees – Eileen Angulo

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